Inviting Angels Into Your Life

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I firmly believe in angels, because I have felt their power. I can’t prove that they exist, but I ardently believe that they are real. My core book says that “Angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost, wherefore they speak the words of Christ.” (2 Nephi 32:2)

So this tells us two things. It tells us how they speak to us and what they speak to us. Whenever you feel the whispering of the Holy Ghost, it could be that an angel is on the other side, using the instrument of the power of the Holy Ghost to deliver a message to you. That’s the how. And what do they speak? They speak the words that Christ would speak to us if He were with us. These are words to comfort, direct, warn, and save us.

Angels exist on both sides of the veil. They can be spirits who have died or spirits yet unborn. They also exist on the earthly side of the veil, as they can be mortal beings who speak to us and help us with gifts or acts of service after being prompted by the Holy Ghost.

I have had many instances where I believe that angels whispered by the power of the Holy Ghost to people around me to say the words that Christ would say to me if He were right by me. Or people have been prompted by the Holy Ghost to give resources to me or do acts of service for me. These angels have done for me what I couldn’t do for myself. I have been richly blessed!

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Here are some true stories that have happened to me that I believe have involved angels.

  1. My son avoided getting hurt in a car collision where I totaled my car, going 45 mph, because I did not notice a stop sign. Just five minutes before this happened, my older son was prompted by the angels speaking to him by the power of the Holy Ghost to look around at everyone in the car and tell whoever didn’t have his or her seatbelt on to put it on. The younger son obeyed his brother, with the result that he did not get injured in the car accident. If he had not put his seatbelt on, the impact of the collision would have caused him to go flying over the dashboard into the windshield. He would have been seriously injured or killed. God preserved His life with the speaking of the angels, both his angel brother and an angel on the other side of the veil.

2. During my years of financial struggle when I was a younger mom with a lot more children at home, it was October. I was in the midst of feeling frustrated that we had a lot more month left when the money ran out. I also desired a bigger home, but there was no way we could afford to move into one. My husband had lost a contract at work that reduced our income by two-thirds. A man in my church congregation came up to me and asked me to help him with a project. He said he was hosting a self-improvement seminar. He needed someone to speak about nutrition for an hour at the seminar. He told me he would pay me $500 if I would do it. I had never spoken to this man. How did he know that nutrition is one of my passions? By angels speaking to him by the power of the Holy Ghost. He even told me that the Holy Spirit told him to ask me. This cash paid in large part for our Christmas gifts that year. I was so grateful to him!

3. Just last week, on Thursday, I went to the natural foods store to buy raw milk. Lately it has gone out of stock on the two days a week that it is delivered to the store, Monday and Thursday. More and more people are getting the great news about raw milk! Hooray! That means, however, that it’s harder to get it, at least at this store, until they get more cows supplying the milk. Before I left to get the raw milk, I had been sitting on the couch, reading aloud a picture book to my son for our homeschooling. I was in my clothes that double as pajamas but are nice enough for me to wear outside the house. I didn’t even have a bra on. All of a sudden, in the middle of reading the picture book, I felt the Spirit whisper to me to call the store to see if the milk had been delivered. The employee said yes, just 10 minutes ago. She suggested I come right away to get some or it would be gone soon. So I left after running a brush through my hair, without even putting a bra or makeup on. (Ugh! I hate that feeling, I just feel so not put together without a bra.) Anyway, I got to the store within 15 minutes of the phone call, and sure enough, the milk was all gone. I stood there staring at the milk’s refrigerator case thinking that if I stared long enough maybe I would notice some milk appear in a corner. I finally decided it was time to go, without any milk. As I was walking to the door, a young cute mom with her little boy in tow saw me. She instantly offered me one of the jugs of milk she was holding as she stood in line to pay for it. I thanked her profusely for her generosity and gratefully received the milk. I believe an angel whispered to her to look over and see me, then prompted her to offer some to me. I believe an angel whispered to me when I was sitting on the couch, to call the store. Then an angel whispered to me to prompt me to leave without even putting a bra on. If I had done that, I would have been delayed about 5 minutes and then the mom probably wouldn’t have noticed me. I would have had to wait another week to get the milk since I can’t go on Mondays.

4. The same day that I got the raw milk, a Thursday, I couldn’t find my debit card. I had gone to bed the night before not knowing where it was, wondering if I should call my bank to report it lost. I had last seen it at Costco when I bought gas the day before, Wednesday. I had called Costco and another store to see if if had been turned in, and no luck. I had also looked through my purse twice with no result. When I woke up, I prayed and asked God about calling in to report it lost. I felt the answer was no. I asked my husband if he thought I should call the bank to report it lost. He said no as well. He asked me to look through my purse again thoroughly. So I did, and this time, I took everything out. If you are a mom like me you dread doing this because you know it’s going to take at least an hour as you have to decide what receipts to throw away and what to keep and what else to throw away and what else to keep. Then I have to vacuum out the whole thing because I find lots of lint and crumbs. Ugh. Well, I had just gone through the whole dreaded process, including vacuuming, with no card showing up. I was putting everything away, including some cards for a political organization that I keep to promote it. As I was pulling the cards apart I noticed my debit card was in between the cards. Success! I felt as happy as the woman in the Bible who finds the lost coin! Once it was lost, and now it is found!

I invite you to notice the times in your life when it’s more than a coincidence that people come along your way to help you with their words, gifts, or acts of service to bless your life. Angels could very well be behind those actions. As you do more things to invite light into your life, you will invite more angels to help you. That’s not to say that when bad things happen, it’s because you didn’t have angels helping you. It could be that angels are still right there, mitigating the effects. Perhaps conditions could be worse if the angels weren’t there.

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What are the things that invite angels into our life? Seeking out the good, the true, and the beautiful both in what we consume (media) and what we produce. Being kind. Loving and serving others. Standing as a witness for Jesus Christ and doing what He would do.

I’d love to hear any true stories you have that show angels could possibly be involved. Please comment below if you care to share.

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