Out of the Best Books: Classics We Are Reading October 2022

Here are some books we’ve enjoyed Fall 2022. I found these Little Golden Book compilations at my local public library. They are adorable!

The one below is a true story. So amazing!

Nate Saint was a real person who combined his two loves: being a pilot and a missionary, to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to Ecuador. His story is so beautifully sacrificial. I only wish the first chapter of the book delved deeper into his childhood. His mother sounds a like the ideal homeschooler who was always willing to let her children invent and explore. She was an heir to the Proctor-Silex fortune. So when Nate inherited some of it, he used it to further his missionary work.

If you’ve ever wondered who was the first little girl to play in Little League, just to read the book below.

For anyone who has ever lived with a baby in your home, you will laugh out loud at the book below. It’s all so delightfully true!

I listened to the book below for my “Moms’ Class” at my homeschool co-op. Scribd has the same version as Audible, with the author, Stephen Covey reading it. It’s such a great guide for anyone desiring to build a more loving and functional family. I highly recommend it! If you don’t know what scribd is and love books, then you are missing out. Go here to learn more.

Plus we did a bunch from my October picture book list over here. What are you all reading? I’d love to hear! Please share below in the comments.

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