Countdown to Thanksgiving 2022 Story #1: A Catalog of Events, an Unofficial Relative Race Story

Last night was the premiere of the final episode of Season 10 of Relative Race. It was full of surprises! The people, the challenges, and the winner! If you didn’t watch it, go here, then find Season 10 Episode 10. Every single episode is so fun to watch, but the final season is even better. All the fans are intensely wondering about who is going to win the race.

I always feel a letdown after the season is over, because I have to wait for a new season, which takes months. In the meantime I just watch old seasons while I wait. We watch them on Sundays and I work a jigsaw puzzle while I listen/watch. I always catch tidbits of information I missed the first time I watched. I’m including in this post some videos showing where some of the contestants are now. The videos show clips from the show with people meeting their relatives. Those moments when they find their relatives are pure, golden tearjerkers.

At this time of year I start wondering which Teams from Relative Race are meeting with their newly found relatives for holiday gatherings. May they all spend the holidays with who they really want to spend it with it. I wish that for all of you as well!

Speaking of relatives, here’s an organic, unofficial “Relative Race” story that involves so-called coincidences to bring about some people finding relatives. This story happens without any DNA testing, race, or TV cameras. It was all orchestrated purely by God! It is sure to warm your hearts this Thanksgiving season, especially if you love Relative Race. It involves some mixed-up mail, a common surname, long-lost twins, and reunited cousins and siblings. It all happened in November time, culminating in a joyous family reunion on Thanksgiving Day! All from a catalog sent to the “wrong” address! God definitely works through mysterious ways, even with catalogs and the postal system! The story is called “A Catalog of Events”, by Janet Kruckenberg. It appeared in the June 1994 Ensign. Here’s the beginning of the story (copied from the June 1994 Ensign):

When I answered the phone, a man’s voice on the other end of the line asked my name and told me his, saying that a mail order catalog with my name on it had arrived in his mail. He asked if I had ordered the catalog or if I wanted it. I told him I didn’t and that I had no idea why my name was on it. We would have hung up then if the caller hadn’t said something else.

There’s so much more to the story! Please see the rest of the article here. I have more posts about Relative Race listed here. The awesome feels of Relative Race never have to end!

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