What Makes Jesus Happy

Happy winter everyone! I love that some times, on these sometimes gloomy wintry days, the sun breaks out and makes everything look bright and white. That’s the same feeling I have about the Son, Jesus Christ, giving us light for a fresh new start. Today in church I heard the sweetest story from a young man in my congregation. He started his talk by saying that he had been asked to share a story from his life and how it relates to the gospel of Jesus Christ. I thought, wow, how simple, yet how wonderful. It would be wonderful if each of this in the congregation got asked to do this! I would love that! Every person whether they know it or not, has a story to say about Jesus touching their lives.

The story the young man shared was this. He said that he was involved in a church basketball team of 12-13 year old young men, years ago. They played against other teams of young men that same age in a league. One of the young men on his team was really, good. His name is John. For a while, every play involved John running down the court at lightning speed and shooting a basket. At some point, John decided to give the other players a turn with the ball. He gave the ball to Adam and let Adam take control. Adam dribbled a bit and shot the ball at the basket and missed. He was disappointed but he could tell that John was happy that Adam made the effort. Then when Adam did make a basket John was really happy. Then years later, the time came for Adam to play basketball with younger cousins. He was finally in John’s shoes. He was the strongest and fastest player. He could have hogged the ball the whole time and made all the points, but he didn’t. He let the younger cousins have many turns with the ball, and loved seeing them make points. So Adam likened that to Jesus Christ. He said that that is how Jesus is. He is the strongest, fastest player. He could control all of our lives and win everything for us. But he gets more joy by sharing the ball of our life with us. He hands it over us. He watches us struggle. He loves it when we shoot to make spiritual baskets. He is sad when we miss. He gets tremendous joy when he sees us make the baskets and make progress. I just thought that was so beautiful. 

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