Video with Author Brandon Mull on the Healing Power of Jesus Christ

Photo Image Credit: Oak Norton’s Scripture Notes YouTube Channel

I just love this interview that my friend Oak Norton did just last Sunday with New York Times bestselling fantasy author Brandon Mull. See below. If you are a fan of Jesus Christ and/or Brandon Mull, you will love it!

I loved that Brandon got vulnerable and shared how heartbroken he was when his first wife divorced him. It was the power of Jesus Christ that got him through this devastating time. If you, or anyone you know, has been divorced, I encourage you to watch this.

Brandon tells his complete story, from the time he was a child using his imagination, to his time at BYU working with Divine Comedy, then serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in Chile, then starting his writing career. Then he shares how he worked super hard to get his books to sell, and then finally how the success came. He thought everybody was happy and then got the news that his wife wanted a divorce. He went through a super painful time.

I love that he shares about the power of making personalized covenants with God. He tells the story of how he did that. When we do such a thing, he says that the Lord gives us power to fulfill that promise we make with God. I have experienced the same thing. I know this is true! I hope you enjoy watching and learning from the video below.

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