The Power of Fasting From Jesus and Jim Bob Duggar

I enjoyed these next few videos below because they all touched upon, in different ways, on the power of fasting. They each talked about the experience Jesus had fasting 40 days and 40 nights in the wilderness. The experience of fasting reminds me of the above sign I saw in the home of one of my friends. I definitely feel that when I fast, I can feel a closeness to God and His angels. I feel them cheering me on “today, tomorrow, and forever.” Of course, God and His angels are always cheering us on, whether or not we fast, whether or not we do anything. It’s just that we are more able and likely to feel the cheering when we are fasting.

The video below is from Jared Halverson. In the video, Jared said something to the effect that fasting is like taming the beast inside you. The beast inside you is the “natural man” (or “natural woman” of course). He said as you feel the hunger rise up inside you like a beast, and your spirit tells it to quiet down, you become stronger. Jared starts talking about fasting around the 37 minute mark.

Next we have a video from Hank Smith, John Bytheway, and Dr. Jan Martin. In this video, they said that fasting is a tool to gain strength and power. Around the 16 minute mark is when they start talking about fasting. They talk about how Jesus gained inner strength by fasting in the wilderness so that His divine spirit would overcome his mortal body. We too can get spiritual strength from fasting. We can learn to do hard things as we gain this strength. Hank points out that the sons of Mosiah practiced fasting, and it gave them the spirit of prophecy and the ability to teach with power and authority. (See Alma 17:3)

I know that fasting gives so many benefits. For decades, I’ve done the monthly fasting (except when I was pregnant and nursing) on the first Sunday of each month to practice my religion as Latter-day Saint Christian. I’ve done that for spiritual reasons. I’ve received many blessings from those Fast Sundays, such as desired blessings too personal to mention here. Then off and on in my adulthood I’ve practiced intermittent fasting, sometimes fasting for three days, in order to lose weight. (See my discourse on dieting and intermittent fasting over here. Scroll way down to Point #2 to read what I say about intermittent fasting.) I agree it’s a hard thing, but there’s no question it increases mastery over the body. Fasting allows one to go on to do harder things. I firmly believe just as some evil spirits can come out in no other way, but by fasting and prayer (Matthew 17:21), some blessings can only come by fasting and prayer. Specifically health blessings. Fasting lowers insulin levels like nothing else can. High insulin is the cause of so many diseases. Dr. Benjamin Bikman calls these diseases the “plague of prosperity.” Watch his amazing speech below.

You know who recently practiced intermittent fasting in order to lose weight? Jim Bob Duggar, the father of the famous “19 Kids and Counting.” I was fascinated to read his story about it here. He had to give up his family’s tater tot casserole and treats at frequent family dinner parties, which he says is every week since his big family has 60 people in it now.

I love how he makes it sound so doable. He says he just pulls out his broth, heats it up, and sips on it when everybody else eats their stuff. He says he’s satisfied and not tempted by the treats around him. Way to go Jim Bob! He says that at first he was just going to fast for 3 days, but then after 3 days, he decided he could do more. By Day 35 of his fast, he had lost 35 lbs! I’m sure it was worth it! I wonder when he stopped and how many total pounds he lost?

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