A Sweet Story About Friendship and Temple Work for the Day After Valentine’s Day

Photo Credit: churchofjesuschrist.org

Happy Day after Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day isn’t a big deal around here, although someday I’d like it to be. I wish I had done more to celebrate it when all the kiddos lived at home. Back then, I felt like I was doing good to do something for Christmas, Easter and Independence Day. The other holidays just fell by the wayside. My sister goes all out with Valentine stockings that she made from sweaters she picked up at thrift stores. Each family member has a stocking, just like at Christmas. The family members put sweet notes and treats in each other’s stockings. Maybe I can inspire my married children to do that. I really love that the Bates family of the former reality show Bringing Up Bates does a big “I Love You Party” where they dress up in costumes, have a big dinner, and play games.

To celebrate Valentine’s with my friends, I hosted an online game night using the Newlywed Game format. I used the questions from the games above. Three other couples attended in addition to my husband and me. I asked such questions as:

“Who out of the people you know would make the best stand-up comedian?”

“Who out of the people in this room would the wife want to switch music libraries with?”

“My wife has too many of _______________.”

“My husband has too many of ______________.”

“My wife doesn’t have enough of ________.”

“My husband doesn’t have enough of _______.”

“My wife’s Church crush is _____________.”

It was loads of fun with lots of laughter and smiles. (I hoped to do one with my two married children with each one’s spouse. We had some obstacles pop up so that game night has yet to materialize.)

These friends who attended are some of my dearest friends, with some of them having been my girlfriends for decades. I just feel so grateful to have such longtime friends.

Here’s a story about a woman and a friend from her girlhood. It shows that when people die, they don’t go away. Their spirits live on in the spirit world and sometimes they are allowed to visit us. It’s called “From Beyond the Veil” by Carla Sansom. Go here to read it and enjoy.

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