Children Are A Blessing: How Gil and Kelly Bates Decided to Have 19 Children

Photo Credit: Trace and Lydia Bates’ YouTube Channel

In a world where life and children are devalued, this new video below is such a precious gem! It features Gil and Kelly Jo Bates with their son Trace and his wife Lydia. I have followed the Bates Family story for over a decade. I actually watched something about them before I watched anything about the Duggars. I heard about the Duggars in a 20/20 TV show story involving the Bates Family. That’s what led me to follow the Duggars, who happen to be good friends of the Bateses. Anyway, as far as I know, what Gil and Kelly say in the video below is the most detailed story of why they came to have 19 biological children. I absolutely love it1 Thanks to their son Trace and his wife Lydia for hosting and sharing this interview. Gil and Kelly Jo are full of such wisdom and love. I wish every person in the whole world would watch this!

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