Nature Study From Your Couch

I love the idea of nature study! But let’s face it…as Sarah Mackenzie says in the podcast linked below, it’s not always feasible. Sometimes, as a mom, it’s just sooooo daunting to get outside with little kiddos to study nature. What about bringing along a sketchbook and watercolors to capture the outdoorsy images you see? The chances of being able to actually use them seem as likely as a trip to Mars. Well, here’s a no-stress alternative: get picture books about nature and scientists of nature. Enjoy looking at them with your children from the couch. Nature study, done!

Since it’s cold outside right now, I’m all for this idea. Spring hasn’t quite completely “sprung” here. There’s still a chill out there that comes and goes and seeps into my middle-aged bones.

Listen here for a delightful chat between Sarah and Cindy West of Go here to get Sarah’s complete booklist, organized by seasons.

Because I just can’t resist, after the book images below, you will see some tabletop game ideas for learning about nature with children.

These books speak to me so much! If I could, I would go back to myself 24 years ago and tell myself, don’t worry about not getting to nature study with your three little kids 5 and under. Just go get all these books from the library and snuggle with them, the kids, and some blankets. There will be a season for going outside and studying nature in person, I promise!

Now for the games!

These are just a few from the amazing Laurence King Publishing. Go here to get them and get more, about bugs, birds, oceans, plants, etc. If you want ideas of nature-themed games for ages 10 and up, go here.

Happy nature studying everyone!

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