4/26/23 Tree of Life Mama’s Game of the Week: Trekking Through History by Underdog Games

This week’s game is Trekking Through History by Charlie Bink of Underdog Games. He is also the creator of Trekking the National Parks. In this game, you win by gaining the most victory points. You get points by creating the longest timeline possible with cards. Each card depicts a different real event or activity involving a real person. These cards cover thousands of years. You get penalized if you create a timeline that only involve one event. The timeline cards are placed in a row on the playing mat to be “purchased” by moving spaces on the clock. You have three rounds or “days” to create your timelines. It’s not a trivia game about history, rather it’s a game about learning the chronological order of historical events and people.

While you are waiting for your turn, you can read the details on each card, thus learning more about history. All the components of the game are high quality. I love the beautiful, realistic illustrations on the cards. The cards are thick and full-color. The playing mat is thick neoprene and rolls up, a nice change of pace from the typical board made from cardboard. If you love history or want to create a love of history with your children, I highly recommend this game. It is for 1-4 players. Yes! It has a solo mode, although it doesn’t say that on the box. Watch the second video below to see it being played in solo mode. Ages 12 and up will most likely enjoy it. Maybe some bookish under 12s will like it as well. The box does say ages 10 and up but some under 12s are probably not ready for it. The game recently made the list of “Ten Games for Every Home.” See here about that.

Below I have a variety of videos about it:

-a review of the game

-Mike from the Dice Tower playing it solo mode

-a group of people playing it

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