Such Great Commentary on the Prodigal Son Story, Maybe the Best Ever

Image Credit for Above and Below: Jared Halverson’s Unshaken YouTube Channel

This video by Jared Halverson of the Unshaken YouTube Channel is soooo good! He comments on the parables of Luke 12-17 and John 11. This was the reading assignment for last week’s Come Follow Christ New Testament Study of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

If you have ever felt sorrow and grief over a child leaving the covenant path, you will be blessed by these videos by Brother Jared. His interpretation of the prodigal son story is sooo insightful and beautifully comforting. My words won’t do it justice. You will just have to listen to it and/or watch it! The commentary specifically about the Prodigal Son is around 40 minutes into the part 1 video.

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