Our Spring Morning Basket for May 2023

Here’s what we’ve been doing for our spring Morning Basket Time. Morning Basket Time is basically homeschooling time when I share with my youngest what I believe is good, true, and beautiful. My next youngest has been excused from MBT to do her own scholarly work. So it’s just the 13 year-old and me. He’s not quite ready to spend all day studying on his own, and until he is, I’m milking my time with him as long as I can. I will be so sad when I don’t have any one left to do Morning Basket with! Maybe I can start doing it with grandchildren!

You can read about my Christmas MB over here and my Winter MB over here. I’m sad I didn’t blog about my Easter MB in time. I’ll have to share that next spring before Easter.

I’m pleased to report that we finished the Tuttle Twins American History textbook. We are still doing some of the same things as for our Winter MB such as these (pictures are in the Winter MB post):

-a picture book involving spring, gardening, or a historical person, to start MB out

-The Signers book, a bio a day

-The Mad Science book, an experiment a day

-The Action Bible

-another picture book involving the above

That all takes place in the living room, being cozy on the couch with blankets and pillows. It’s still a little cold around here, even though it’s spring. If, however, we are running late for whatever reason, I will read aloud to him as he unloads the dishwasher, one of his stewardships, or gets himself breakfast. (He is picky and doesn’t like what I fix him for breakfast.) I must also admit that half of the time I fall asleep during Morning Basket and take a 15 minute to 1 hour nap. Then my son will go do his math or other work while I’m napping. After I wake up I finish the slate of my MB read alouds.

Then we move to the table to do a board game. Some of my favorites we’ve played lately are shown below.

Here’s what I’ve added for spring:

-I like to alternate an experiment from Thomas Gray’s Mad Science book with a section from the Universal Model Summary book. You can read about the UM over here.

I have the expanded Vol. 1 of the UM. We read from it a few years ago and will return to it after reading the summary above.

-a section from this spring homesteading treasury. We did the winter one and it was so fun! I don’t actually do the crafts or recipes. I just like reading about them and exposing my son to the possibilities. I can see that my married daughter would have loved doing everything in this book if I was reading this to her 15 years ago.

-The Prisoners of Geography map book, adapted from the book by the same author for adults. We do a 2-page spread a day. This is so fascinating!

-I’m also alternating a bio from The Signers with a few pages from this book about the U.S. Constitution. My son got this book from his Key of Liberty class. I find it helpful in explaining the Constitution, almost clause by clause. He wasn’t reading it on his own so I’m reading it with him.

Alas, I still haven’t reinstituted poetry reading into my Morning Basket time like I used to do when I lived in AZ or drawing time. I will definitely be adding those in.

I just love having a Morning Basket. It’s a lovely way to start the day, by being reminded of things in our world that are good, true, and beautiful.

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