ACE the ACT Boot Camp

ACE the ACTtm Practice Test and Boot Camp
April 21 from 8am-12pm, April 26 from 4-8 pm, April 28 from 8am-12pm
Are you wondering how you are going to get into college? Do you have test anxiety and fear? Do you want to get a
scholarship? Do you simply want to keep your options open? If so, the Ace the ACTtm Practice Test and Boot Camp are
for you. The makers of the ACT say you cannot study for this test. WRONG!!! Because it is standardized, it is
predictable. You can study and improve your score. I have proven this with the many students I have mentored over the
years. If you have to take the test anyway, don’t simply endure it – ACE it. It takes work and effort but you can do it.
I have studied this test extensively. I began by taking a very marginal 6 week course at a major university on ACT
preparation (which I would not recommend to anyone because of the poor quality of teaching and organization). I
combined the information I gleaned from this with intense study and experience to create a course that will be beneficial
to any student willing to apply what we learn in class to their at-home studies. In the summer of 2009 I completed my
Master’s thesis on ACT preparation for high school students. For those planning to go on to college this class is essential.
Colleges and universities often value ACT scores over a high GPA. Also, raising your score just a few points may qualify
you for thousands of dollars in scholarships.
ACT Practice Test
Why take a practice test when you can just sign up for the real thing? The same reasons astronauts spend hundreds of
hours in the simulator before they launch into space. When it counts, you want to do your very best. Practice, in an
equivalent environment, is the only way to get an excellent outcome and optimal results. Familiarity with the procedures
and experience taking the test create confidence that generates higher test scores. A simulated practice test is also a great
way to assess your strengths and weaknesses early and make a plan for improvement. I recommend taking Practice Tests
as early as the 8th grade, or age 13-14. A trained proctor will administer a practice ACT test issued by the ACT Company
with the actual instructions used at the real tests. This will provide a road map to improvement that will maximize and
direct your study to areas that will make the biggest difference. Each test is personally reviewed and students receive
individual feedback.
ACE the ACT Boot Camp
Get ready for two days of brain strain and mental sweat. We will hit the ground running and will not stop. I will present
the best of the best information I have gleaned from exhaustive study of available prep books and my own rigorous
research. We will cover: all 4 ACT subject areas as well as invaluable test-taking strategies. You will leave with a plan
for success. I have taken great strides to make this information easy to grasp and fun to learn. It will be a jam-packed
several days but will not be boring. You will not get this kind of ACT preparation experience anywhere else. Upon
registration, you will receive the required text for this class to help you gain additional personal study. The ACT test has
an optional writing test. The writing section will be covered in detail as well.
Class 1: Saturday, April 21 from 8am-12 pm Practice Exam
Class 2: Thursday, April 26 from 4pm-8pm Boot Camp – Testing Skills, English, Math
Class 3: Saturday, April 28 from 8am-12 pm Boot Camp – Science, Reading, Writing
All classes will be held at American Heritage School; 736 North 1100 East American Fork (801) 642-0055
Required Text: The best ACT study guide in my opinion (and I’ve surveyed them all!) is included in the cost of the
Boot Camp. You will be able to use this in your individual study as well as during the ACE the ACT Boot Camp.
Cost: The cost is $120.00 for the Boot Camp and Practice Test if payment is received by April 16, 2012. The cost is
$145.00 for the Boot Camp and Practice Test if received after April 17, 2012. The Practice Test without the Boot Camp is
$30.00. The Boot Camp without the Practice Test is $120.00.
Payment: Please send payment to American Heritage School: 736 North 1100 East. American Fork, UT 84003
or you may pay via Pay Pal with the account number Please make checks out to Ann
Meeks. For questions about the course, contact the local coordinator of this class, Heidi Weyland at 801-616-
1748 or
Instructor: Ann Meeks, B.S., Utah State University in English, Journalism and Music. M.A. in Education, George
Wythe University, thesis on high school ACT Test preparation. High school English teacher at Meridian School. Creator
of Ace the ACT Test Prep, experienced ACT test instructor and ACT test prep private tutor.
Satisfied Parents and Students:
Thank you for all your help with Zach in his ACT prep. His 32 score has done so much for Sterling Scholar and scholarships. It is
amazing how many doors are open (or closed) because of that test score. Thanks again, Dale S., Morgan, UT
I was always scared about testing, especially the ACT. After I attended your class, I knew I could do it. I went home and set up a
schedule like you showed us and stuck to it. I got my scores today and I got a 27. I couldn’t have done it without your program.
Ashley M, Highland, UT
I am so impressed with Ann’s knowledge of how to ‘ace the ACT.’ She has not only uncovered all the secrets, she has put them all into
a very palatable package for teens. I sat in on the class and wished I could have taken it when I was that young. With her humor, lots
of visuals and handouts, and comic and inspiring videos, she has come up with the ultimate ACT test prep class. Celestia S., Kaysville,
I just wanted to thank you immensely for the help. I got a 27 and going from a 22 that’s not half bad! You really helped me open a lot
of doors for myself. Hunter B. Eagle Mountain, UT
How come they don’t teach us this in school? Wow, thanks for helping me “get” the ACT. I know now that a scholarship is
something within my reach. Jenna J, West Valley City
I GOT A 25!!!!!!!! Happy Day. I can qualify for the scholarship offered through my dad’s work now. I didn’t know how I was going
to pay for college. Now I do. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. Candice L, North Ogden, UT
Registration Form
Name of Student(s)_____________________________________________
Address ______________________________________________________
City ______________________________ State ________ Zip __________
Home Phone ( )_______________ Cell Phone ( )_______________
Parent or emergency contact name _________________________________
Parent or emergency contact phone number__________________________
Email address of student: _______________________________________
Email address of parent: _______________________________________
Registering For: Cost Qty Total
ACT Boot Camp/Practice Test
(received before 4/16/2012)
$120.00 ____ $________
ACT Boot Camp/Practice Test
(if received after 4/17/2012)
$145.00 ____ $________
ACT Boot Camp only $120.00 ____ $________
ACT Practice Test only $30.00 ____ $________
Total Amount $________
Make check payable to: Ann Meeks – Mail checks to

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