Bedsharing is cool because it allows mom to feed her baby and rest at the same time. I resisted it with my first baby because I had never heard of it. It just seemed a little strange. That’s because I was not a sleep deprived mom yet. But I at least was willing enough to have his crib in the same room as me so I didn’t have to walk down a cold dark hall to another room to get him when he was hungry. One night after getting up to nurse him while sitting up in bed (I hadn’t mastered nursing while lying down) I woke up to see him back in his crib. I have no idea how he got there! To this day I like to think that an angel came and took him from my tired mom body and gently put him back. With my second baby I still resisted (you would think I would learn quicker) but by the time I had my third I had him in my bed from day one. He was definitely my easiest baby. Yes, by that time I was a sleep deprived mom, with three kiddies four and under.

Anybody who fights bedsharing is someone who has never been a nursing mom. They just don’t get the logistics of being an exclusviely breastfeeding mom and needing to sleep and function in day to day life. Bedsharing is completely safe as long as you and your husband are not drunk or on drugs. My friend Amy has written about it. Here’s an excerpt from her post and a link to read more

“There are a few parenting topics that raise the emotional heat index at lightning speed:

  • Vaccines
  • Circumcision
  • and Co Sleeping

It wasn’t until the mid 1800′s that solitary sleeping (ie baby in a crib) even became an option with the invention of cribs, multi room houses and baby bottles.

As people began imitating the elite and crib use became more popular, doctors began recommending against co sleeping and fabricate reasons to justify their bias.

“You could roll over and kill the baby.”
“It will harm your sex life.”
“Your child will become dependent and spoiled.”

None of these assertions were based on science, but coming from a medical authority, those assertions were taken (and likely given) as medical advice and seen as ‘healthiest and safest’ by most parents and therefore those beliefs crept into the collective consciousness as truth.

Now to add to the many studies supporting the benefits of co sleeping, new science is out ” go here to read more

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