Getting Homeschooled Youth Into College


I have homeschooled all of my seven children, with supplementary education from LEMI-based schools and Williamsburg Academy. None of them ever got a diploma. The four oldest have all been accepted into college, with two of them graduating from college debt-free, one currently in college, and one awaiting a reply from the college he really wants to attend. He got accepted into college at age 16 from all the schools he applied to, but not the one he really wanted. So he’s been waiting and working. Update: I wrote that last sentence in February 2020. That son has been accepted into the university of his choice and is now a happy student there. Hooray!

Why do I want my children to graduate from college? How do I get my children into college without a diploma from an accredited high school?

These slides turned into a PDF answer those questions. Click on that link to get a PDF of the slides. The PDF document will tell you how I got my children into college. It’s based on the presentation I gave in Feb. 2020 at the Layton UT Winter Homeschool Conference.