Product Review: Time to Times Multiplication Songs CD by Janeen Brady


I discovered over a year ago this delightful CD called Multiplication It’s Time to Times. Janeen Brady has done it again. I give this CD five out of five stars. Some of you may know that Janeen is the founder of Brite Music. See This may be her best work yet!


This CD was motivated by Janeen’s daughter, Michelle, my friend, who is a homeschooling mom of 8. Michelle was frustrated by a different product out there that teaches multiplication with songs. I found out that this product was the exact one that I have loved and used over the years with my kids. But I guess when you grow up with a famous musician as a mother and hear her playing her grand piano over your bedroom every morning, you have more cultivated musical tastes than I do.


Janeen has taken each of the times tables, from the 2s to the 12s and given them each as song to teach them so they stick in kids’ memories. Each tune is very different. A long time ago I heard Janeen speak and she confessed that she always likes to put a Western/cowboy song in each of her albums. She has done that here, with a square dance song for the 4s. Then she has an Irish jig for the 6s, a waltz for the 3s, a big band boogie woogie for the 8s, a marching band song for the 7s fit for any football game, and much more! I was so tempted to include some of these songs on my ballroom dance playlist for my youth conference last weekend but my older youth begged me not to.


Get this CD and play it in the car for your summer road vacation, or even when running errands around town, or play when your kids are doing the dishes , setting the table, or any time you have a captive audience. Your kids will love it and have their times tables memorized in no time! See You can listen to samples of each song and download the lyrics, as well as order the CD.

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