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Karen Kindrick Cox

“The Magic Trees of the Mind”

Karen is a homeschool mom with 20 years experience teaching her six children through significant and powerful EPIC adventures. After gradu ation from homeschool, her children went on to receive college and university degrees and carry the fire of passionate learning into EPIC adventures with the next generation. Karen has presented heart-firing, brain-firing how-to’s to homeschool moms, public and private school teachers, since 1989.  She currently runs the online EPIC Adventure Academy and offers workshops and materials to help homeschool mothers  ignite passionate learning and heroic living.



Steve Russell ” Vice, Liberty and the Hand that Rocks the Cradle”

Bio: Steve and Janis Russell have been married for 26 years and are the parents of eight children, all home schooled from birth.  Steve is an attorney, having received his J.D. from Brigham Young University and his B.A. in music from California State University at Fullerton.  He is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, having served a mission in Cochabamba, Bolivia.  He has served on the Board of Scholars for the Sutherland Institute, the Parental Defense Oversight Committee for the Utah Department of Administrative Services, the Judicial Subcommittee for Drafting Legislation, the Utah Families Association, and is admitted to practice in the Supreme Court of the United States. 


Caleb Warnock “Winter Gardens and Pioneer Yeast”

 Caleb Warnock is the author of the national bestseller “The Forgotten Skills of Self-Sufficiency Used by the Mormon Pioneers.” Every photo in the book was taken in Caleb’s garden, and the book details the way Caleb and his wife, Charmayne, live every day. The book teaches the four methods for saving pure seed from your own garden, the health and nutrition benefits of baking with pioneer yeast, how to garden in winter like the pioneers, cellaring without a root cellar, backyard henkeeping, and much more. Caleb is a full-time journalist and has taught writing for 13 years. He has a master’s degree in composition from Utah State University.




Diann Jeppson “The Seasons of Learning”

Bio: Diann Jeppson is the founder and former President of the American Youth Leadership Institute, an organization serving the homeschooling community. She directs a large, annual Family Forum event in Salt Lake, largely focused on family, leadership and education. See TJEd Marketplace for more info. She provides a program designed to assist parents in creating their own unique homeschool grand strategy at LeadershipEducationFamilyBuilder.  She received a bachelor’s degree in statesmanship from George Wythe University. She is a co-author of A Thomas Jefferson Education Home Companion. She and her husband Adam live in West Valley City, Utah and have four daughters.


Aneladee Milne “Moms as Heroes and Mentors”

Aneladee is a homeschool mom of six and grandmother of four. She loves to sew  pretty dresses, play lov ely music on the cello, and give parties. She also has felt a call to help empower parents to get the best education they can for their children.









Kim Simmerman “Help for the Whole Foods Challenged”



Mary Ann Johnson “The Power of Being Present”

Mary Ann Johnson is a teacher, writer, and a homeschool coac h .  She has a masters degree in education, has taught thousands of children over 40 years, and has worked as a homeschooling facilitator and coach for hund r eds  of families.
She is passionate about teaching parents to have confidence in raising their children and educating them at home.You can find Mary Ann most days reading history and autobiography’s. She is married to her husband of 40 years, and enjoys spending time with her 7 grown children, 10 grandchildren, working in the garden and having “grandma school”. 


Claudia Sudweeks “Why Family History is Not Just for Grandmas”

 Claudia is the mom  of five children from Highland Utah. She has had a love for family history and temple work for years. She loves the blessings she gets from doing this work and wants others to have these blessings too.  










Leah Shingleton “The Womanly Art of Wifing”

Leah is a homeschooling mom of five from Syracuse, Utah. She grew up hearing about her great aunt, Helen Andelin, who wrote Fascinating Womanhood. She has taught Fascinating Womanhood courses and knows the ideas work. She enjoys helping other women change troubled marriages into happy marriages.


Dr. Russell Anderson, LDS MD, on the importance of natural family planning (NFP) for the LDS woman

Bio: My name is Russell Anderson.  I am a doctor (I went to medical school in California) and I graduated from the Family Practice Residency at the University of Utah in July of 2011.  While at the U of U, I worked quite a bit with Dr. Joseph Stanford, who is one of the world’s leading researchers in natural reproductive technology.  I’ve attended the Creighton Model physician conference in Omaha, NE, where I met Dr. Hilgers. 

I’m very excited about the Creighton Method as a mechanism to help infertile patients achieve pregnancy.  As I’ve studied the method, I’ve realized that the Creighton Method approach to infertility is very different from the traditional approach.  The Creighton Method focuses on discovering a cause, and learning how to treat that specific issue (often there is more than one problem, and they all need to be addressed).  The traditional method is to bypass the cause and simply use in-vitro fertilization (a method many people have moral issues with since many fertilized eggs are disposed of in the process).  Also, in-vitro fertilization only works once.  If another pregnancy is desired, the expensive process would have to be repeated, since the cause was never appropriately discovered and treated.
The Creighton Model is also extremely effective as a form of birth control.  In studies, it’s been shown to be about 97-99% effective.  My initial interest in the Creighton Model was actually because of it’s use as birth control.  I had decided not to prescribe medicinal birth control or IUDs since they can abort an already fertilized egg, so when I learned of this natural method of birth control, I was very excited. 





panel of moms who have experienced pain-free labor and childbirth


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