The Book

It’s finally available! After years of telling people I am working on “my book” it is done, at least as an ebook, and at least the first volume!

The ebook, Tree of Life Mothering Volume I, an LDS AP Mom’s Guide to Being Healthy and Happy Without Losing Your Mind, Your Money, or Your Husband, can be downloaded here!

Some of the chapters are free, some are priced to sell.

Here is the first chapter. This chapter introduces me and the concept behind the book.

Chapter 1- Why I Wrote This Book

Chapter 2 explains the greatest mystery in the scriptures for women and mothers, and it’s all about a tree.

Chapter 2- The Greatest Mystery in the Scriptures for Mothers

Chapter 3 details examples of the Tree of Life motif in history, culture, literature and religion.

Chapter 3-Why a Tree to Symbolize Mothering? Because Trees Rock!

Chapter 4 gives tips on how a mother can mother herself through culturing a nurturing soil for her mothering Tree of Life.

Chapter 4: Fertilizing our Soil: Creating a Self-nurture Mother Culture


Chapter 5 is all about marriage as a covenant, equal-partnership based relationship, with the tree as a metaphorical guide.

Chapter 5: Honoring Our Root Systems: Our Husbands and Covenant Marriage

Chapter 6 is about birth control.

Chapter 6: Honoring Our Fruitfulness or Getting Off the Birth Control Conveyor Belt

Chapter 7 is an introduction to Attachment Parenting.

Chapter 7: Honoring Our Fruit with Attachment Parenting, Intro to AP and Birth Bonding

Chapters 8 through 13 are available for $1.50 each. Please email “info at treeoflifemothering dot com” and specify what chapters you want. Or buy all five chapters for $5!

Chapter 8 is all about breastfeeding and responding to baby’s cries. It’s 48 pages of encouragement and resources for the LDS breastfeeding mom. I tell you why breastfeeding is so important  I detail the different types of breastfeeding: cultural, spiritual, and ecological. You will feel inspired to breastfeed, get some help for incorporating breastfeeding into life, and learn resources for getting a baby to sleep without letting the baby cry it out.

Chapter 9 is all about the rest of the Baby B’s of attachment parenting for the LDS mom: babywearing, bedsharing and more. 31 pages.

Chapter 10 features my take on green living. 35 pages.

Chapter 11 is a style guide for LDS breastfeeding moms. What I’ve learned in the past 18 years about how to look great through the changing seasons of pregnancy, postpartum and nursing. It’s full of tips and resources. 18 pages.

Chapter 12 outlines steps to prospering as a mom, by attracting money and material resources. It is full of resources and references for frugal wealthy living, DIY living and gardening ideas. 37 pages.

Appendix #1 and #2 are free. They each contain a full article referenced in the book. One is about birth control and the other is about breastfeeding.

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