Liberating Ourselves from Conspiring Men

My last post was so long and doesn’t have any personal pictures. I am sorry about that. I know how hard it is to read lots of plain type with no pictures. I have some really great ones of my baby, our trip to the Homestead crater, the walk we took of downtown SLC to see Brigham Young’s grave, and of my younger children on Mother’s Day. I kept meaning to add some but my camera and computer were making it hard because their dates weren’t in sync. Let’s just say that when my scholar phase children have lots of Shakespeare play practices during an infamous “heck week” (the week before the performance) my tech help is gone. When they are home and I can ask them questions I feel guilty for pulling them away from studying.

So I put some fun photos of me and my children that I can actually access in this post even though they don’t have any thing to do with the topic, other than they are of me and my kids and I am writing this.

From the title of this post you might think I am going to spout traditional feminism. I’m not. I am going to talk about liberating ourselves from the people in the food industry who want to make money off of us when the food they are selling actually causes us to become sick, namely processed food, including pasteurized food. Even if we think we are OK by eating raw or whole food, we might need some added knowledge to get the most nutrition out of that food.

I am so excited to go this Saturday to my girlfriend Shauna’s house to watch Caralee Ayre teach her Nourishing Traditions secrets from her own kitchen. She is giving a cooking class. I kept meaning to advertise it here but then Shauna sent an email saying that 40 women are already coming. Guess it doesn’t need any more advertising! But Tara’s class is coming up in the summer and she is mentored by Caralee so if you are on the Wasatch Front and miss Caralee’s you can come to Tara’s. (see

Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats

Caralee sent us some email links so we could do some homework to prepare. Here is what she sent:

I have been reading the one about phytic acid. As my girlfriend Shauna says, “These are written by PhD’s and therefore lengthy. Caralee will condense all the blah-blah-blah into the most salient points.” Thank goodness! This info is so overwhelming but so incredible and critical to understanding for your health and your family’s health. Especially if you are into whole foods like I am. It basically says that plant food (whole grains, nuts, and seeds) has this thing called phytic acid which is made up of phosphorus. The phosphorus binds to minerals and makes it so we can’t absorb the minerals we are eating. It also inhibits the production of enzymes in our stomachs and intestines which helps digest food so we can get stomachaches from eating improperly prepared whole grains.

If we don’t properly prepare the whole grains, nuts, and seeds then even if we are eating them and being smug about being on a whole foods diet, we can become sick with digestive problems and mineral deficiencies, like osteoporosis and tooth decay. The article says that your neighbors next door could be eating Wonder bread and white rice and feel healthier than you. It’s because they are eating food that has zero phytic acid, while your whole food does. Wow, finally an excuse to eat some white bread and white flour besides the fact that they taste better!

This info on phytic acid is overhwhelming to digest and even think about putting into practice. I have been soaking my grains for a while but not my flour. And I haven’t been soaking my grains in yogurt or whey, which is what NT recommends, just water. I have not been soaking my nuts and seeds and now I am wondering how I am going to deal with peanut butter since that’s a staple and it’s made from unsoaked nuts. I guess this means granola bars are bad and fresh nuts and seeds and…oh, boy, is there anything fresh that’s safe to eat besides rabbit food? I am eager to learn the “how-to’s” of all of this with a big family to care for…so enter Caralee, mother of six, going on seven, who also homeschools and knows my time demands.

Every woman, especially a mother, needs this information! When you are armed with correct information, you can make the best food choices for your family. You can be independent of the “conspiring men” that God mentions in Doctrine and Covenants 89. You can have the fullest health possible. I used to think that these conspiring men were those of the tobacco industry, but now I think it includes anyone who is willing to put profit before people’s health, including those behind lots of food at the grocery store and even so-called “health food” at the health food store. Let’s not get sucked into buying food that is actually bad for us.

Also, let’s not get sucked into the lines of the “diet dictocrats” as Sally Fallon calls them. These are the people who say that animal fats, the good fats from from raw milk of pasture-fed cows and eggs from pasture-fed chickens, are bad for you. Cholesterol has a purpose! Veganism and vegetarianism have a place, for those who want to cleanse for a time. But they are not diets that can be sustained for a long, healthy, fertile, growing time. A mother, especially one who is in for the long haul of bearing and nursing many babies, and growing children can’t thrive long-term on those diets. When I was still vegetarian with my fifth baby, I remember my midwife practically ordering me to eat some eat. She said that she had studied the issue and was aware of women who had problems with their births and their babies because they were long-term vegetarians. If you want some great recipes that involve animal fats and whole foods (although I don’t know if it’s totally NT correct) check out the Diet Rebel’s Cookbook at

Every mother, from the time her baby is in the womb, is the link between food and her family. Since food is the biggest determining factor in health, you are the link between your children and good health. The diet of a pregnant woman can lower the chances of the baby having low birth weight and premature birth and the mom having toxemia. See The Weston Price people have even more specifics for a pregnant and nursing mom’s diet and say this diet can prevent birth defects. See (I am not thrilled about the liver recommendation but next time I’m pregnant I want to do their diet. Hey, maybe I should start now since I am nursing.) Then when the baby comes, mom gets to choose between her milk or artificial milk. Artificial baby milk increases the risk of your baby getting sick and you getting ovarian and uterine cancer. Your milk makes your baby smart and healthy.

I know this position of responsibility and attachment to your children through food can be overwhelming to think about, but it’s also a great, God-given honor and one that, with God’s help, we can embrace and fully live up to. It does say in the LDS Church’s Proclamation to the World on the Family that a mother is primarily responsible for the nurture of her children. That’s true women’s liberation, to live up to the role God gives, and be liberated from conspiring men who don’t care about your or your babies’ health.

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