Vacation Part III

I also got to do something else that I’ve always wanted to do, and that is go to This is the Place State Park. If you haven’t ever gone, you are missing out. If you go on
Wednesdays, it is only $2 a person, and so worth it. It feels so
different there. As I walked under the trees and saw the replica
pioneer buildings I felt such a peace. My sister Emily and I and our
children felt such joy and freedom as we explored the treasures that
are around ever corner. Things to touch, explore, learn and play
with. See

I also got to do something else I’ve always wanted to do…send family names to the temple to get the work done for. Since I am still nursing my baby on demand, I didn’t go to
the temple myself but I organized the trip for the 7 youth in our
family to go do baptisms for. I have always wanted to find names from
my family tree and get the work done. Last fall I took a family
history class in my ward and learned how to use the site. This trip was the harvest time for my
efforts. Trust me, if I can find family names, I with limited
research skills and a huge ancestry of people “with the work all done,” anybody can. This is a major victory for me! I sued to think, I can’t do family history work because I can’t leave my kids to go do the research, but now I can do it from the comforts of my home.

I also got to make some beads for bracelets and necklaces out of sculpey clay, and that’s something else I’ve always wanted to do. My dear sister Emily always seems to
have something fun and creative up her sleeve. She brought all her
bead-making supplies and taught me how to make them. For her, a
normal day is to make apple pie and artisan bread. I love to learn
about all of her delights in homemaking and creativity.

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