Vacation Part IV

To my surprise, the one night I flipped on the TV to BYUTV because all my kids were gone playing with cousins and I was giving my baby a bath in my master suite, I came across
The Food Nanny. This is something else I’ve always wanted to do, is
watch the Food Nanny. The Food Nanny is Liz Edmunds, LDS mother of
seven and a renowned Internet celebrity and cookbook author. If you
haven’t read The Food Nanny rescues dinner, go get it. Even if you
can’t buy it you can call your public library up and request it
through interlibrary loan for a buck or two. She has some great
recipes! This is Mormon comfort food at its best. The show involved
teaching a mom how to roast a whole chicken. This mom was terrified
of touching the raw chicken to prepare it for cooking. I can relate!
I have only touched a whole raw chicken once myself. The Food Nanny
gave her plastic gloves to use and coached her through the whole
process, even though the mom was crying. Her whole family thanked her
for cooking the yummy meal in the end. They had been used to eating
microwaved food off paper plates in front of the TV.

If you want more inspiration for cooking a real dinner every night, I encourage you to watch the show on BYUTV thourgh internet streaming . See Julie
Beck says LDS moms should be the best homemakers in the world. With
people like the Food Nanny helping us, we can do it! I have a
document called Making Dinner a Winner that I felt inspired to write
after reading The Food nanny cookbook. I had it available for free on
the site. Then the tabs changed because my
host changed the template and I lost the tab. When we get a chance,
we will put it back up for you all.

Anyway, I left my vacation feeling very refreshed and inspired. I connected with my mom and sisters. My kids had fun and didn’t mind not connecting with me, they were there for
connecting to their cousins. I played some and I also had some
scholar phase time studying Democracy in America for the online
colloquium I am hosting on September 21. (you’re all invited to join,
it’s free) I am wondering though, wouldn’t it be nice to live life in
such a way as to not need a vacation? To live your life in balance of
work, play, and rest with freedom so that you feel like every day you
are choosing what you want to do, living deliberately. This is
getting off the conveyor belt at its best!

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