Happy Easter!

I found this great talk (have you noticed that only LDS use the term “talk”?) by Cleon Skousen, about Easter. I think you will enjoy it. It’s called “The Meaning of the Atonement” and you can download it here. http://latterdayconservative.com/downloads/w-cleon-skousen/.



It’s very touching. Brother Skousen explains how he was mentored by Elder John Widtsoe (not Widstoe, as many Mormons say) to understand why Jesus died on the cross. Cleon asked Elder Widtsoe questions about Easter and Elder Widtsoe gave him several scriptures to take home and study in order to find the answers. I am still listening to this download over and over to fully comprehend it. He states that he discovered that because of Jesus’ atonement, love and mercy overcame the law.


This Easter season, I am so incredibly grateful that we each have a personal Savior who is so full of infinite, sweet, delightful, cheerful, happy love. A Savior who always did the right, peaceful, loving thing. A Savior, who, even when he was treated so horribly despicably, was able to say, right in the midst of his suffering, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” Where else can we find such peace and happiness and goodness than from this man?



Whenever I am feeling mad at somebody, I eventually remember this example and it helps me so much, even though I haven’t even been physically harmed, just had my feelings hurt. It’s so amazing that this loving man is not just a great teacher and example to us, but that He is our elder spiritual brother, a god, and our personal savior who saves us from eternal death and hell.


I’ve always wished that I had inexhaustible resources of money to cover whatever material wishes I have. Wouldn’t it be great to have a check made out to you for millions of dollars? The beautiful, happy, most splendid thing is that each of us has a spiritual check made out to each of us worth an infinite amount of spiritual dollars, thanks to our Savior. Because of Him, and His atoning sacrifice, we have unlimited spiritual potential. As Nephi says in the Book of Mormon, “I glory in my Jesus!” Because of Him, we can each have happiness in this life, despite the sorrows, and eternal life in the life to come. I know He lived, and He lives again. Joseph Smith saw Him, and restored His gospel to the earth. His prophet, Thomas S. Monson, lives on the earth today and speaks for Him. Thank you, Jesus. Happy Easter!


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