Wow, Has It Really Been 19 Years?


Last night my oldest son and my husband took a long drive to Hobble Creek Canyon to meet some of my husband’s rich cousins to celebrate some of their kids’ graduations from BYU. My mother-in-law, the social butterfly that she is, really wanted us to come. As much as I would have loved it, I chose to stay home with the rest of the kids because it was such a long trip and I didn’t want it messing up the younger ones’ sleep. It’s not the first or the last time that my kids come before my social life, even if it is a social life with just relatives. There have been lots of times when we just throw schedules to the wind and go wherever and however long it takes to be with extended family, but I am wanting to be a little more sensible nowadays that I have more kids and more obligations. It’s no fun to come home in the late night, only to have your sleeping-in-the-car baby become wide awake as soon as you make the transfer.


Anyway, it got me thinking…it was this time, 19 years ago, that I graduated from BYU. Wow, has it really been that long? Going to BYU, having roommates, having church in the Testing Center of all places, being single, then becoming a newlywed, that all seems like a different life. The previous year before I graduated, during the springtime, was when I dated and fell in love with my husband. So this time of year always makes me remember my BYU and falling-in-love days.



I absolutely loved college. I also loved being done with it. I remember being so happy that I could finally read whatever I wanted and not worry about doing “fun” reading that took time away from what I was supposed to be studying for school. It felt so good not to have to jump through any more hoops, so to speak.


Now my firstborn will be going off to college in the fall (he hasn’t decided on where. He just got a scholarship to BYU and has been accepted to SVU as well). I have a houseful of kids. My life has taken some unexpected turns in the path. All I can say is, despite all the trials, troubles, bitterness, and sadness, life is good, thanks to Jesus. Rejoice evermore! If we turn to him, any situation that is bad won’t be permanently bad, and everything that is good will be eternally good.


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