Charity in Zion

Whew, we got the three oldest off this morning to Shakespeare Showdown, a 2 day camp where TJED-based commonwealth schools get together to show off the Shakespeare plays that they have learned to perform. This is the first year that Honor gets to go and he is so excited. These are pictures from his play.


I still have happy memories about my overnighter my husband and I took last week. We are at the point where we can leave the kids at home alone since the oldest are teenagers. As I was leaving Valor was leaving to take Virtue to an ortho appointment and Honor was staying home to tend the others. It is so sweet to be at this point in family life, independent of outside babysitters. I am definitely enjoying older motherhood.



The process of finding my husband and room after I got to the resort is a story for another day. Needless to say I felt quite rattled by the time I got to my room and was happy to sink to a chair and relax.  I felt like we were settling into a snowbound chalet with a foot of snow on the ground outside our window of the ski resort lodge. We had a picnic supper in our room with  with hoagie sandwich fixings and chips that I brought from home. Bugsy (my 21 month old who I had brought) played around and had fun standing on the luggage cart. Then we played a card game I picked up months ago that is for couples called “Getting to Know You.” After nearly 20 years of marriage we actually found out new things about each other. It was kind of frustrating to play the game with Bugsy wanting to touch all the cards.


I had brought some toys but true to form he didn’t want to play with them much. After a while I realized he needed a diaper change. Then my husband decided to get the DVD ready for our movie. That’s when we noticed there was no DVD player. He called the front desk and asked for one. The lady said it would cost $10 to rent one. Then I guess she noticed the crestfallen tone in my husband’s voice and offered it for free. When he went to get it he found out that she gave it for free because she heard our baby in the background and felt sorry for us, being away from home, trying to entertain a child. Little did she know the DVD player was for us. We started watching the movie, my long awaited viewing of the John Adams HBO movie, at around 8 PM. Bugsy nursed to sleep and he was out the rest of the night. Whew, we were able to watch the movie without watching him as well. It was a nice break from him and I could also relax knowing he was right there. I didn’t have to keep worrying that he was at home missing me.



I really enjoyed watching the portrayal of the trial of the redcoats involved in the Boston Massacre. I absolutely love John Adams after reading his bio by McCullough. The interplay between him and Abigail is so sweetly portrayed in the movie. I enjoyed John’s statement about his search to find great principles thought by great minds throughout the ages.


The next night we were all back home and it was time for the Fathers’ and Sons’ campout. All the boys but Bugsy left since he nurses to sleep and once in the early morning. My daughters and I watched the sequel of Anne of Green Gables with the director’s commentary. Virtue and I enjoyed but Princessa at age 5 was not engaged and wanted to watch something else after 30 minutes. I have seen the original so many times without commentary during the golden age of Anne’s popularity (my high school and college years, when my sisters and I watched it two dozen times) that I didn’t want to watch it.  I happened to find two new cool sites that allowed us to watch an Avonlea related show on the Internet. At I found the original episode of “Road to Avonlea” which I have been wanting to show my kids for years and have been wanting to find the DVDs of it at our library. So we watched that. I like the old-fashioned stories of the Road to Avonlea with cousins playing together. The stories come not from the Anne books but from some others that L.M. Montgomery wrote, namely, The Story Girl and the Chronicles of Avonlea, and Further Chronicles of Avonlea.


The whole night was a blast to my past. I read all the Anne books during high school and watched both movies over and over. I read almost all of Lucy Maud’s other books. It’s fun to see that there’s still interest in the books and movies and that the producer Kevin Sullivan is making more clean family entertainment, like Wind at My Back, which BYUTV carries, but I can see that all of this can be a distraction from my scholar daughter and my aspiring scholars. I did get a full-ride scholarship to BYU during high school even though I read all of these books. I did not have much of a social life though. It was fun to watch Anne now that I am an old married woman instead of a young ingenue when I first watched it. I watched an interview with Anne on where Megan Follows, the actress who played Anne, said she really enjoyed how Anne was such a strong female, and that that’s rare in literature. Hmmm, that got me thinking. I want to be more strong like Anne is.




Saturday our washing machine was breaking down so my dh decided to go buy a new used one. I am so grateful In the process of installing it he noticed a leak in the storage room behind the laundry room. He felt overwhelmed by the prospect of spending money to fix it or fixing it himself. He’s having a hard time at work with some projects and we have financial troubles. This just seemed to be the straw breaking the camel’s back. We couldn’t hook up the new used washing machine until this other problem was fixed. I suggested he ask his brethren in the priesthood at church the next day for help. So he did and confessed to me that he got emotional and started crying. Before we even got home from our block meeting of church yesterday, a good brother was standing on our porch ready to help. Three or four more came in the next ten minutes. Even though our washing machine was only out of commission for two days, this seemed like a crisis since it happened right after Fathers’ and Sons’ with the huge load of dirty clothes that brings from four boys and a dad. I think these dear brethren sensed the urgency our situation. It’s funny to see men work together. Everyone jokes about Relief Society ladies, but how about giving equal time and poking fun at the high priests? Three of them each gave a different opinion as to the problem. But one of them was a journeyman plumber so my dh went with his opinion.



So this dear man fixed our problem and just charged us for the parts. We are feeling relieved and grateful. The washing machine is back up and running. My big kids are now gone to a three day camp for aspiring TJED Shakespeare actors, so we have time to catch up on the laundry until they come back.  I feel so blessed to be part of a church where the members watch out for each other and help each other. It is a little taste of what Zion will be like. I’m also grateful for our division of labor around here. My husband and I are equal partners, and we each have a stewardship. He’s over the technical aspects of the house and fixing them. He’s the main provider. While he was supervising the high priests, I was taking care of the children, supervising the lunch, the lunch clean up, and then keeping track of them, putting the baby to sleep, and then fixing dinner and supervising the kids as they cleaned up from dinner. I felt like everybody was doing their job in our busy household that had people moving around like Grand Central Station. That also feels like Zion must feel like, where everybody knows what their job is and does it happily.








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