A Cool Blog I Just Heard About For You Big Families

While on vacation here in CA I got to meet my sister’s sis in law. We were at Newport Beach and I found out that my sister’s husband discovered that his brother John was also vacationing in CA. So my brother-in-law invited him and his wife to meet them at the beach. I got to meet John’s wife Jen. She is a lovely woman and looks so completely normal and beautiful for being the mother of 10, including a set of twins, with one on the way. After she found out that I have seven children she then told me about her blog http://megafamilies.blogspot.com/. It’s a listing of blogs for large families, which she defines as at least seven children. I can’t wait to check it out more. One of the principles of Tree of Life Mothering is to be, how shall I say it, fecund, like a tree, producing good fruit, both literally, in the form of babies, and symbolically, in the form of good works. Just remember a tree has seasons so it doesn’t burn out. I am not saying to have a baby every year. I am eager to read this blog more to glean tips from mamas of large families on how to be a happy mama of a big brood.

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