We Are the Pioneers

I love Pioneer Day.  I love studying about these amazing people who walked away from the normal way of living for their time and faced tremendous hardship and fatigue, all because of what they knew to be right and true.   As a child I always wondered if I was strong enough to do what they did.  I now know that I am, at least on one level, because I am doing precisely that: walking away from the normal way of living and facing hardship and fatigue because of what I know to be right.  Any homeschooling mother who has watched the iconic yellow schoolbus drive by on a day when the children are fighting and refusing to help has felt a longing similar to what the pioneers felt leaving their homes.  And like them, we know we will not go back. 

I think that fifty or so years from now when this generation’s chips are all down they are going to be studying us the way they now study the pioneers.  They will look at the homeschoolers, the mothers who went back to the basics and back to nature, and they will talk about our determination and our vision and they will say “Look at what has come from that movement.  It started small, but look at it now!”  I will go even further and say that I believe that what we are doing and what we are teaching our children will end up playing a key role in the establishment of Zion and that when that great City has finally come into being we will look back at how it happened and say “Wow!” 

It began with the Pioneers.  The torch has been passed to us.  And someday we will all rejoice together. 

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