What I Learned on My Summer Vacation


Things I thought about, was reminded of, or learned on my summer vacation:

-my son is great at shuttle diplomacy between me and my husband.


-I am so grateful to have my camera back!
-a mom can’t have a true vacation unless someone else does all the cooking and watches the baby
-that’s OK because it is wonderful to have someone to be the universe to

-it was nice to have most nights of fixing dinner off because my sisters and sis in laws rotated.

-it’s past time for me to set up a rotating system of fixing dinner at home for my older kids



-it is fun to listen to John Bytheway CDs on a road trip


-my kids think it is lots of fun to listen to The Silver Chair  by C.S. Lewis on CD on a road trip but I can not focus on it.

The Silver Chair has a part that I can focus on, the part where C.S. Lewis depicts that Jesus truly is the only way to happiness


-Miss Manners writes books that really make you think after paragraph, if not every sentence
-I like reading The Social Animal  (for an online  colloquium on Aug. 4th http://thesocialleader.com/2011/07/feed-social-animal-david-brooks)  but wish the language wasn’t vulgar at times.



-The Walmart in St. George has less than helpful employees


-how could a Walmart on a Saturday morning be out of twist ties in the produce department?

-my sis in law Sally is a wonderful hostess
-It is amazing that I can see pictures and words that come out of thin air into a little black box that we bring into the car and the condo, when it has no cord attached.


-I am grateful for inheritance money from my grandparents that allows my extended family to meet once a week for a year at a Marriott vacation club. Vacations when I was a kid were camping in tents and staying at Motel 6. My kids are so spoiled!





-Cell phones work even when you are out on the ocean miles away from the coast
-I can feel seasick very easily.

-it’s not good to eat a hard-boiled egg right before you get on a boat


-Harvey Karp’s secrets still work on little babies. I had fun putting my baby niece to sleep without nursing her (don’t worry, I am not into crossnursing)



-I want to be better at following promptings I get to be more organized. I feel terrible about letting 8 quarts of fresh strawberries go moldy by leaving them in the car for two days at my sister-in-law’s house.


-My sister-in-law had the job from *** and has a blog to gripe about
it. Maybe she can supply fodder for Dilbert.


-I can’t decide between an iPad or an iPod touch. My brother, the lucky duck, has both.


-Even after all these years of thinking I am good at avoiding sunburn, it still happens to me. I disagree with what Lara Gallagher shared on Facebook, you can still get sunburned! I dare anyone to go out on the beach or in a pool at Palm Desert and come out unscathed.


-My big brother has been to North Korea and has pictures of his trip. Communism is alive and well but some people do own their own gardens.

-this same brother has phenomenal language skills with Korean. It is quite possible that the U.S. gvt. will ask him to live in Pyongyang someday. If so, my sis in law refuses to live there.

-I am glad I am not this same brother and have HIllary Rodham Clinton for my boss.


–My little daughter can play with her cousins ALL DAY without tears or fighting.
-My little sister knows how to throw a birthday party.



-My little sister who I always thought of as perfect actually made a mistake.
-I am not the only one who has had problems with people in authority over me making bad judgments regarding my child


-Newport Beach has swarms of junior lifeguards, like 500 of them (see the red and white clothed kids in the background)
-playing at the beach is as fun as ever


-it’s fun to watch your kids and their cousins design and make T-shirts with freezer paper, bleach, and an iron
-My nephew is an artist


-My kids would rather go swimming with their cousins than with my husband, the littles, and me
-Kirk Duncan has a lot of interesting information on being a mentor


-I should avoid reading USA Today on vacation, or any time. It is so dreadful to read about the evil in the world.
-It is possible to lose something and then have it appear where you know you left it, thanks to the intervention of angels.


-Eating a meal with fat and protein really helps you feel satisfied, especially after a road trip day with carb snacks and snacks of cheese in the car.

-it is so nice to know people besides my sis in law in St. George, so that when she can’t host us, someone else can. Driving from Palm Desert to home in one day is too much. Thank you Bowler family for hosting us overnight!
-Cove Fort is just as delightful as I remember it being.


-It’s really not fun to tour Cove Fort in high heels.



-I am really blessed to have so many hospitable friends and family in my life.


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