A Fortuitious Pioneer Day at Cove Fort


It just so happened that we got to be at Cove Fort on Pioneer Day. We were driving home from our vacation from CA.  What fun! I love Cove Fort! I want to stop every time we make the trip to southern Utah. It’s really not that far away, only 3 hours from our home and 2 from my mom’s in Highland. They are having Cove Fort Days Aug 5-6, with free food (hot dogs, though, so you might want to bring your own food. Dr. Sears says that hot dogs are among the worst food on the planet) It’s on I-15 as you drive south in Utah, close to the junction with I-70.


My aunt through marriage is descended from the Hinckleys who settled Cove Fort. She has a journal from them that I want to read some time.



I just think it’s really cool that the pioneers did what they did and were able to erect such a great structure out of the desert. They did what they did because they knew God lives and was speaking to them through His prophet.



Here are some pics. Gradually I will add text.





One of my beautiful daughters!









This is an 1879 copy of the Book of Mormon! Wow!


These are real Indian blankets.



This is a real Spencer rifle from after the War Between the States.




One of the gun ports that was never used.



The Hinckley cabin that was transported from Coalville where the HInckleys lived when Brigham Young called them to build Cove Fort.



Sister Hinckley’s goal was to create an oasis of refinement and hospitality in the desert.



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