Home School Rocks!

Back to school time is coming. Sometimes that means dread because you don’t want to face another year of what you had before. Tears, fights, stress, homework, rush to get out the door. UGH!  If you want something different, consider homeschooling. You can do it! So many resources abound to help you. If you already homeschool, maybe you just need a different perspective. Leadership education has helped me because it is “organic education.” It has helped me see that kids go through seasons of learning. It’s really OK not to have your 5 or even 9 or any age child doing worksheets all day. It’s OK to let them play instead of “learn.”There is a season to learn while playing and there’s a season to learn from doing academic work.


If you want some help with homeschooling younger children, consider doing the “closet.” Go to http://home-school-coach.com and click on “getting started.”


If you want help with homeschooling older children who are ready to study and not just play (and it’s OK if they just want to play, just make sure they are doing a lot of housework too!) then Tiffany Earl  and Aneladee Milne are the girls for you.  And James Ure is the man. They know a LOT about how to get teens to study and become scholars.



Tiffany is offering a program to get youth excited about learning and homeschooling. It involves becoming a member of LEMI, her Leadership Education Mentoring Institute. You can join for only $5.95 a month. That will allow you to have your teens join in on a monthly conference call to meet with other teens to talk about topics relevant to them. I am so excited about this! Go here to get more details http://home-school-rocks. I have already signed up and my kids are going to love these conference calls!



Aneladee Milne was formerly Tiffany’s business partner and together they wrote The New Commonwealth School. Aneladee is now in business as Leadership Education Alternatives for Parents but she still partnered with Tiffany to do LEMI Training a few weeks ago. Aneladee’s site is http://theparentmentor.com. She offers private coaching for parents on how to mentor your children. Her site doesn’t seem to be working that well so here is her contact info aneladee at yahoo dot com.



James Ure has created Williamsburg Academy. It is a fabulous online academy based on TJED for high school age. Since it’s online, students can attend from across the globe. See http://wacademy.org. I was so pleased with what my son learned last year while attending. It costs money but if you are in Utah you can sign up through two options to have the state pay for it. See http://harmonyed.com or http://giantcampus.com/online-schools/utah-tech-high/welcome

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