Nursing in Sacrament Meeting

This coconut oil  thing is really working to curb my appetite. Last night we had a birthday party for Bugsy. My baby is 2 now! I have reached the enviable position of having my youngest be 2. My oldest is off to college and my youngest is 2. (no, we are not done.) It feels good to have a little break though so I can rebuild my health (i.e. lose weight).  We had veggie sandwiches, french fries, watermelon for cake (I cut a circular slice, put candles in it and call it a cake. In summer, I try to get out of baking as much as possible.) and ice cream cones. I remembered to have 2 T of coconut oil about a half hour before dinner, and by the time I was eating all I could eat was a bunch of fries and one sandwich, because I wanted to save room for dessert. This is so great that I only want one helping! Coconut oil is a great discovery! If you struggle with your weight like I do, I highly recommend the book Eat Fat, Lose Fat by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig.


My friend Amy Jones of LDS Holistic Living blogged about nursing in sacrament meeting (by the way, the downloads are ready from this year’s conference, see and click on downloads). She even has a picture from some LDS artwork depicting a woman nursing in sacrament meeting. I love it! You will have to keep reading to get the link below. It looks like it is at the LDS Church Museum of History and Art. Somehow I have missed it, I will have to get me eagle eyes out next time I go.


Two months ago I nursed in sacrament meeting in my nephew’s ward during his missionary non-farewell. I was smack dab in the center of the pew and decided I would create a greater disturbance in getting up to leave than by just latching on. Since my brother was the bishop I figured I could talk him out of anything he brought up to me later.  Besides, he’s quite mellow and doesn’t like confrontation. Another besides, it really shouldn’t be disturbing to give a child nourishment from something that was designed by Heavenly Father to give nourishment. As so many of people have pointed at, some are offended by nursing in public because it involves a breast, which many consider to be strictly a sexual organ.


I really like what Amy says about that here She shares the story of how the first time she nursed her first baby in Sunday School, her husband just about fainted, but she stood her ground, saying she didn’t come to church to nurse in a small room that smells of dirty diapers. She had four more babies, and she nursed everywhere, while leading music, while in leadership meetings, while teaching Primary, even while giving a prayer in sacrament meeting (all done discreetly with a baby in a sling). Wow! She’s not even a La Leche League Leader. I am but I am not that bold. When Amy was ready to move from the ward, her bishop came by and said that he would miss her family. He also said that all these years they had been discussing what to do about her nursing in public. They eventually just got used to it though.




One of these people gave her what she thought was the highest compliment, “Amy, if I believed in reincarnation, I would want to come back as one of your babies.” Awww, that’s so sweet! I love it! When you parent as an Attachment Parent, people definitely notice the love. That’s not to say you have to nurse everywhere in public.


I have nursed on and off during Sunday meetings over the near 18 years I have been nursing. I do it when I can be discreet, but when my nurslings are as noisy as little piglets, I excuse myself to the mother’s room, just because we are disturbing the reverence aurally, not visually. I have to confess that I have never nursed in Sunday School. Something about not having enough elbow room.


I say, nurse where you feel most comfortable. if that means nursing in the mother’s lounge, great, or good for you if you feel comfy enough to nurse in front of the bishop in ward council meeting. As you have more babies, you will probably get used to nursing more and more in public. Be discreet about it, but go ahead and show the world that it is normal for babies to get nourishment from their mother’s breasts, just like Jesus did.


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