Sister Julie Beck is So Cool!


This summer I had the privilege of spending a day with my sisters and their girlfriends from our high school days who are now my friends as well. The children played while we had a grand time visiting.



These girlfriends are also nieces of Sister Julie Beck. the general Relief Society President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. One of them got to become the sister-in-law of my sister as well (this sister of mine, the lucky duck, has two sisters-in-law who were already really good friends of hers before she got married, one from high school, one from college, but that’s another story).


These ladies, Holly and Jennifer, said that their whenever anyone tells their aunt Julie that she gave a great talk in conference, she always say, “It wasn’t me, it was the Lord. It was His idea.”



I’ve always loved the gems of sermons Sister Beck has given. Her talks about LDS women being the best homemakers on earth, and that “mothers who know” do certain things, have become classics. Holly and Jennifer said she has received a lot of flak for being so bold. They also said that it’s almost time for her to be released. Her term of 5 or 6 years or whatever it is is almost up. I will miss Sister Beck!


This morning I listened to this delightful interview with Sister Beck and her two daughters, Heidi and Gerilynne. I think you will enjoy it! In the interview her sweet, bold and yet humble spirit at the same time shines forth. She talks about seeing the sacrifices her parents made to serve the Lord when they went to Brazil and that when she was young she was so poor she had to order water when her friends got root beer when they went out. Yet she doesn’t regret that. She has learned to follow the Spirit in everything she does and encourages all women to do the same See




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