Claim Your Power as an LDS Woman: Study your Womanly Arts with the Zion Finishing School

Many in the world don’t know the secrets to being a happy wife, mother, and homemaker. Yes, it is possible to find joy in these traditional roles! If you feed your body right with classic foods and your brain with classic books, and feed your spirit with a relationship with God and other women and a fascinating relationship with your husband, joy abounds.


(joy abounds except for Cowboy, who looks like he was poked with a barbed wire!)


In the Zion Finishing School, LDS women are studying about classic foods for the body and classic books for the mind. We are learning to be the best homemakers in the world. We meet weekly online on Fridays and discuss what we’ve read or have a presentation. Come join us! It’s only $24 a month.



Here’s what we’ve already studied. By signing up you can have access to the recordings of these classes:

  • Eve and the Choice Made in Eden
  • The Art of Homemaking by Daryl Hoole
  • The Lost Art of Gardening
  • Fascinating Womanhood by Helen Andelin, the womanly art of wifing
  • the first few chapters in The Women of the Old Testament
  • G.K. Chesterton’s essay on What’s Wrong with Feminism
  • Etiquette on Eating
  • elegant, feminine hairstyles


Here is what is coming up to study in the coming year, September to end of November, we break for December, and then January to April:


  • why Mary Poppins was right about cod liver oil
  • how to eat so you don’t get sick
  • how you have the power to keep your family from getting sick
  • etiquette on being a hostess and a guest
  • the power of creating meals for your family and discussion of the movie, Babette’s Feast
  • how to create a hope chest
  • proper courtship, how to prepare your youth for such
  • the lost art of family dining
  • how to incorporate Weston Price’s diet ideas into a modern life with lots of kids
  • how to be a Dr. Mom in your home
  • the lost art of sewing
  • the lost art of quilting
  • the lost art of handicrafts
  • Good Wives by Louisa May Alcott
  • Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskill
  • When Queens Ride By
  • the lost arts of simple, fun holiday traditions
  • the rest of the book of Women of the Old Testament


Just to go to the Zion Finishing School tab on this web site to read more and find out how to sign up! It’s only $24 a month, and you can get $6 off each month’s tuition for each person you get to sign up with you,.

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