Do You Want Your Youth to be Scholars? Have them Take this Class!

My son and his college friend Andrew Humiston are mentoring this class for youth-aged scholars called Be Andau Now! It’s for youth preparing to enter college, any college, but especially George Wythe College. My son has worked hard to get a great education in his teen years. He gave up scholarship offers at BYU and SVU to go to GWU. Youth who take the class will get mentoring on how to win the Andau Character Prize, a scholarship for one year’s tuition at George Wythe. They will also polish their public speaking skills, their interviewing skills, and their scholar skills.


It starts Sept. 12th and it’s online so anyone anywhere can take it. The first class is FREE!


Here’s more info from Unleashing Your Voice, the organization sponsoring the class:


We’re building on the success of last year’s Let’s Be Andau Now! class by teaming up Andrew Humiston with the 2011 winner of the Andau Character Scholarship from George Wythe University, Hilton Shumway.


Let’s Be Andau Now! is a weekly online class which provides a source of motivation and inspiration for scholars as they:

·        Develop their character through learning the Five Vital Abilities of someone who IS free.  So many people fail to implement the principles—even when they know them!  The environment of this class encourages scholars to own their lives and to live with integrity.

·        Meet one-on-one with a mentor each week to report progress in their educational goals like study hours and self-improvement.  Accountability with someone beside mom and dad is so helpful! 

·        Focus on broadening what they are already doing in their own education to include bodies of knowledge covered in the Andau competition.  There’s a reason why the oral boards in that competition require a working knowledge of geography,  World History, and the Founding documents!  It is because all well educated people should have that breadth.  The students are inspired to master the information incrementally rather than cramming and consequently forgetting.

·        Participate in a positive social environment and connect with other scholars who share a desire for continual improvement.  Watching the class support each other during the final simulated competition was a great experience.  They had bonded together and the encouragement and sincere congratulations for the winners proved that their time together had been well spent.


The first class is on September 12th and is free!  We want you to meet the mentors and get a feeling for why this life-changing class will enhance what you are already doing!


For more information, the flier for this class is attached and pasted below.  To attend the first day, send an email to for the link.  Registration is limited to 20 students and is available at


Let’s be Andau Now!


A Character Class for Those Striving for Greatness


A life-changing class for scholars—whether or not they plan to compete for the Andau Character Prize Scholarship from George Wythe University

Class dates: September 12th-December 5th


Join Andrew Humiston and Hilton Shumway, the 2010 and 2011 Andau Character Scholarship Recipients, as they continue their journey of becoming Andau and teach you to implement the Five Vital Abilities!


This Class will help you:

·       Improve your character by learning and applying the Five Vital Abilities!

·       Be accountable through individual weekly return-and-report sessions.

·       Master the content listed in the Andau requirements* over two semesters rather than cramming.

·       Have fun broadening your education with other awesome scholars like you!


Be inspired by guest speakers including:

·       James Ure, Headmaster of Williamsburg Academy

·       Aneladee Milne, President of LEAP, author of New Commonwealth School.

·       Tatiana Milne, 2004 Andau Character Scholarship Recipient, Founder of Tip to Tip.


You can choose to participate in a simulated Andau Competition! (Free with 2-semester enrollment, a $30 value!)

·       Includes Essay, Character Watch, and Oral Board Exam

·       Win a $30 gift card to the place of your choice!


* See Andau requirements at


2 Hour Class once per week, 12 week Session for $95 (plus $7 workbook)

Mondays 11:00-1:00 p.m. Pacific Time/12:00-2:00 p.m. Mountain Time

This will be a two-semester class. Registration for second semester is not yet available.


This class is limited to 20 students. 

Don’t procrastinate registering! (That would be so un-Andau!)

Register by going to

Meet the Mentors!


Andrew Humiston, is the winner of the 2010 Andau Character Scholarship from George Wythe University where he has completed his freshman year.  For more than two years, he has been a coach for Unleashing Your Voice! in seminars around the country and online classes.  He has a broad range of experience as a public speaker, he has spoken at the opening session of the TJEd Forum and been a featured speaker at youth conferences. During the years he was developing his talents in this area he experienced a broad range of events in speech and debate, you can see him presenting a Humorous Interpretation at  He has also produced a debate DVD to augment learning and teaching debate.   In addition to being a TJYC graduate, Andrew wrestled for four years for his local high school and was involved in musical theatre, Shakespearean theatre, ballroom dancing, and piano.  He has also achieved the Eagle Scout rank and was elected as Student Representative by his peers.  Mentoring Practice and Apprentice Scholar youth individually and in last year’s Let’s Be Andau Now! class has given him the experience to be a source of inspiration and the skills to bring out the best in people.  Andrew will co-mentor this class until he departs in December for Villahermosa, Mexico to serve an LDS mission.


HiltonHilton Shumway, is the winner of the 2011 Andau Character Scholarship and is joining the Unleashing Your Voice! team of mentors.  His scholar years were spent achieving a great education and developing a wide variety of skills.  He is a graduate of TJYC, an avid reader, and takes a particular interest in Medieval combat which included participating in re-enactment activities.  He has experience competing in Oratory, Lincoln-Douglas debate, and Student Congress.  For the last four years, he participated in the AYLI Freedom Bowl and took 1st Place in three of those competitions (and a very respectable 2nd place in the fourth!) In his spare time he enjoys ballroom dancing, eating, and sleeping!  Hilton is an Eagle Scout and a lover of freedom. He got scholarship offers to BYU, Southern Virginia University, and GWU. He plans to use his expertise in technology to guide legal policy and liberate people’s lives.  Having a great education and an understanding of the struggles that scholar-aged youth go through will make Hilton a great asset as a mentor for youth.


Take advantage of receiving mentoring from these two amazing young men!





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