In Search of the Feminine in Hairstyles


Virtue has arrived at the point where she can style her own hair at age 15, better than I can. When she was little, I had a hard time doing her hair every morning amidst all my other duties, including a constantly nursing baby.. Many a Sunday she went to church without curls and other hairstyles I dreamed about doing for my daughter when she hardly had any hair at age 2. Then by the time I refocused and figured out how to make time to do her hair, she lost interest in my doing it.


She got these lovely curls by using Curlformers all by herself.


But now she can do her own so I am happy about that. She gets inspiration from and She gets very creative! I am so pleased that she wants to wear her hair in a feminine elegant way. I think Helen Andelin would be pleased. We both have thick hair that is perfect for messy buns and twists. Now I get to start all over with Princessa, who at age 5 doesn’t like me to do her hair and messes it up right after it’s combed.


She loves to do all sorts of buns and twists and braids. FUN and FEMININE!


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