More From My Girlfriend Who Is a Recovering Vegetarian


If you are vegetarian or vegan you will want to read this:


Last week I posted an abbreviated form of my girlfriend Caralee’s story. She was vegetarian, and sometimes vegan, for 12 years. Then she ran into health problems and decided not to be vegetarian anymore. She now has her own farm with her own cow, chickens, and a big garden. Plus lots of kids. Whenever I go to her home I feel peace and happiness. Here’s a longer version of her story:


“I became health conscious when I was 15 years old, and to me, at that time, that translated into becoming vegetarian and exercising regularly.  By nineteen, I had become a naturalist and gave up all refined sugars and flours, avoiding additives, preservatives and other chemicals like the plague.  I was very much into herbs and natural healing.  I married at 21 and went on to have a bunch of babies quickly.  Up until my fourth pregnancy, I had never had a dental cary that needed filling in my life.   I had been able to get by with sealants only.  Then, after my fourth child was born, I had a wisdom tooth rot out of my mouth that had to be pulled.   I was sick about it.  I couldn’t figure out what was happening to my teeth!  But that was only the beginning…



“After my 5th pregnancy, my teeth were in really bad shape.  I was so low on minerals that my body did not have enough reserves to grow another baby and feed my teeth.  



So another trip to the
dentist revealed rampant decay with two molars that were rotted to the roots and needed root canals, two that were nearly there, and about eight other cavities.  😦 many tears…

“I went home reeling- and determined to do whatever I could to save my teeth!  Thankfully I pulled out my new copy of Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Dr. Weston Price and read for the first time Chapter 16 where it discusses Primitive Control of Dental Caries, and how he used 1/2 teaspoon cod liver oil along with 1/2 teaspoon high vitamin butter oil three times per day to stop and reverse tooth decay.  My husband ordered me a six month supply of both and I got busy taking my oils.

“I started taking:

1/2 teaspoon Green Pastures High Vitamin Butter Oil three times per day along with

1/2 teaspoon Green Pastures Cod Liver Oil three times per day (of course, they now only produce fermented, and you need less per serving- about 1/3 teaspoon three times per day)

“I did use Dr. Christopher’s Tooth and Gum powder in place of toothpaste some of that time.  I used essential oils of clove and cinnamon to help with the sensitivity at the beginning before the CLO and HVBO had enough time to do their magic.  It didn’t take long though.


“Only a couple of weeks and I felt a difference.  It was amazing to me that I could have such horrible holes in my teeth and not have any pain or sensitivity after a couple of months.  Two years later I
decided to return to the dentist.  I began to get the promptings of our next baby that wanted to come to our family and I was concerned about dental work and pregnancy.  I was also curious to see if any healing had actually occurred.

“The four teeth that needed root canals were completely healed with secondary dentin.  The other eight were in varying stages of healing.  They were no longer decaying and were filling in with
dentin.  The dentist commented that, to his surprise, the structural integrity of my teeth was strong.  What was left were a few teeth with dark spots.  Three years later I went back to the doctor again.
There was one dark spot and after going back and forth between my teeth, my chart, and the x-ray, he told me that I was supposed to have a cavity there but that I didn’t.  After further examination he told me that it was a cavity that had gone clear to the root but that had healed completely to the enamel.




“During this time, I did not take any other supplements at all on any regular basis.  Of course, I was careful about my diet and only consumed high quality dairy products – but nothing that you couldn’t find around here (Brown Cow yogurt – now I make my own, Daisy Sour Cream, raw milk from a local farmer – now we drink our own, and only regular butter from Costco- even though I would like to only purchase organic, it’s too expensive for our budget, and we have had healing in spite of it.)  I think a big thing for me was soaking my grains and beans because it allowed me to keep and use the minerals in my food instead of having them be bound with the phytic acid and having them leave my body unused.  However, I had made that change before adding the cod liver oil and I didn’t experience the healing in my teeth until I added the CLO and HVBO into my diet.

“Then we had to deal with my oldest sons and their poor teeth!  They were vegetarians in utero and through their early years of life.  My oldest son’s teeth are horrible, so soft and prone to decay.
This is a child who had never had a meal from a fast food restaurant!   Can I tell you how important those animal fats and proteins are?!! He had a number of teeth pulled, and was scheduled for a pulpotomy or two, as up until that time, we hadn’t given the kids the CLO and HVBO (too expensive, said my husband).  Try dental bills in comparison!  So we bought some for the kids and got them taking it.  Six weeks later, we took him in and he did not need the pulpotomy!  His secondary dentin had grown back, protecting the nerve once again.  Yea!  Another success.



“So, what I believe now, based on my experience is this:

“CLO and HVBO added to a diet that is rich in nutrients and minimal in healthy sweets will reverse tooth decay.  I recommend WAPF’s diet guidelines, keeping the Word of Wisdom in the forefront and using the Spirit as your guide.  We have not been perfect, but tried to do our best, and we have experienced healing many times over.” 

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