The Vegetarian Debate in My Home…Does Vegetarianism/Veganism Set You Up for Cavities?

This is my niece and my daughter at the latest baby blessing of the newest grandchild of my parents.


So after writing my recent posts about vegetarianism, I am wondering, does it automatically set you up for tooth decay?  I think so.  The good news is though that you can heal cavities. Why is it that my friend Caralee and Diane Hopkins of got cavities even though they were eating whole grains, veggies, fruits, and avoiding bad stuff. I have tooth decay as well, perhaps it is from my years of vegetarianism and having babies. I have had seven babies. With Baby #5, my midwife told me I needed meat. She said that she had studied women who lived in vegetarian communities. As they kept having babies, the babies were not as healthy and the moms were weaker.


Teeth and bones need minerals. Everyone knows that, and the glue or mortar that holds these minerals, or as Sally Fallon calls minerals, bricks,  in your teeth is the Activator X, found in butter oil, and Vitamin A and D found in cod liver oil. As Caralee told me, having babies depletes you nutritionally. It is really important that if you want to have lots of babies and not be a weak, tooth-decayed mom that you nourish your body with the mortar that will hold the bricks in your temple together.


My parents, sister, and new baby niece.


It makes sense to me. Having babies takes a toll both emotionally and mentally. If you found yourself tired, screaming a lot at your kids, feeling put upon by the demands of your kids, not feeling joy,  it’s time to perhaps take a break from having more babies and build yourself up physically, with intense nutrition (butter oil and cod liver oil, and other wholesome traditional foods) and then mentally with creating systems in your home so that everyone does the work involved, not just mom. More on that later.


I just started on the cod liver oil and high butter oil and I have faith I can heal my small cavities. I have had them for years and have put off getting them filled by the dentist because I know they can heal. Here’s a simple story from one mom, Sarah Pope,  who shares how she healed her son’s cavity. I am doing this for my cavities and I will let you know the results!


My brother-in-law surprised us at the baby blessing with a full bushy beard. Guess that laid-back fishing trip to the wilderness of Alaska really got to him!


It;’s kind of ironic, Amidst my studies of finding this out, my 15-year-old daughter recently decided to become vegetarian. She found an article online by an LDS Church apostle (I am thinking it was Elder John Widtsoe) who promoted vegetarianism. It convinced her that the Word of Wisdom advocation to only eat meat in times of famine meant she shouldn’t be eating meat right now. She said that even in the Little House books, Pa taught that you should only meat in the winter-time, when you couldn’t grow plants or gather fruit.


I told her what her grandma (my dh’s mother) said. It was this… that for grandma, her body was in a state of famine in terms of nutritional deficiencies so it was OK for her to eat meat year round, not just in winter or the regular meaning of famine. Grandma had been vegan for years and helped her husband lose weight on the McDougall diet (which is vegan) but she ended up giving up veganism and vegetarianism. My daughter  wasn’t convinced. She has cavities as well and thank goodness she is willing to take the cod liver oil and butter oil to heal them. With the CLO and the butter oil hopefully she will build up her teeth. I am grateful that she hasn’t chosen to be vegan. I think we have found a compromise. She won’t eat flesh, but she will eat the oils. Yet my daughter says that this doesn’t make sense. She says it’s not right that God would make it so we are dependent on eating forms of life that don’t naturally grow around us, like cod, to build our health and maintain our health. Hmmm…I’m not sure how to answer that. All I know is that I want to heal my cavities and hers.


Sarah Pope, over at, claims that most people return to eating meat after being vegetarians. See her article here I have seen it happen with Diane Hopkins, Caralee, Grandma, and me.



What about you? Are any of you out there recovering vegetarians? Have any of you been vegetarians and stayed cavity-free?

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