The Early Bird Deadline for My Conference is this Friday Nov. 18, Register By Then and Get a Gift!

This Friday, Nov. 18, at midnight is the deadline to get the early bird $10 off discount for the Tree of Life Mothering Natural LDS Moms’ Conference on Sat. Dec. 3 in Farmington, UT. Regular price at the door is $57. But if you sign up in a group of 10, you get $20 off, if you sign up in a group of 20, you get $30 off.  So register now!

Our keynote speaker, Karen Kindrick Cox, has graciously offered a gift for all those who register by the early bird deadline. It is a beautiful illustration of the Seven Keys of Learning, done in a very flowing, classical, realistic style. Every early bird registrant will get a copy emailed to them. You can use it as a cover for your planners and journals. It’s gorgeous!

These are our fabulous speakers and their topics:

Karen Kindrick Cox of, about how to fire your child’s love of learning and heroic living by understanding how the brain works. Karen studied under Susan Kovalik, and will help us understand the following statement by Susan:  “If there is to be power in your learning experiences it must come from tapping the energies and curiosities of your children, freeing them of artificial fragmentations and unleashing the awesome power of the brain.” 

Steve Russell, homeschool dad and attorney,  on John Locke, Self-Government, Virtue, Vice, and the Hand That Rocks the Cradle

Caleb Warnock gardener, and author, on Pioneer Skills and Self-Sufficiency

 panel of moms who have experienced pain-free labor and childbirth (without drugs)

Diann Jeppson on the Seasons of Learning

Aneladee Milne on Moms as Heroes and Mentors

Mary Ann Johnson on The Power of Being Present

Claudia Sudweeks on Why Family History is Not Just for Grandmas

Leah Shingleton on The Womanly Art of Wifing


Dr. Russell Anderson, LDS M.D., on the importance of natural family planning (NFP) for the LDS couple,  

along with Colette Child, NFP (Creighton Method) instructor


It’s going to be so much fun! We will have prizes! See you there!

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