Milk Bank Shortage

I saw an article in the news yesterday that said that the breast milk banks in America are having serious shortages right now. 


It made me wonder if I could donate, so I started looking in to it. Has anyone on this site ever done this before?  Apparently they pay for the shipping and everything, so all you have to do is pump. 


I had a wonderful experience with my last baby (who was #4) where I was able to share milk with a friend who had a preemie.  Her baby was born the same day as mine, only hers was eight weeks early.  Little Reagan couldn’t tolerate any kind of formula and Shannon simply couldn’t pump enough milk.  I always have an abundance, so I was happy to help.  It was a wonderful feeling knowing I was helping nourish a very fragile little soul.  I gave Shannon extra milk until Reagan was over a year old. 


A milk bank is a lot less personal, but it still seems like it would be very satisfying to share milk with them, even though they pasteurize it etc.  Breast milk is a unique and powerful substance that only we mommies can make and that’s pretty amazing. 


So does any one have any thoughts/experiences with this?  Here is a link to the milk bank website. 


And while we’re on the subject of nursing, I am wanting to get a better nursing bra.  This site has motivated me to care more about my personal appearance and one thing I’ve noticed is that I need more support.  Anyone have any recommendations? 

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