I’ve Added Another Speaker to the Conference…Help for the Food Challenged



My friend Kim Simmerman  has agreed to speak at the upcoming Tree of Life Mothering conference. I heard Kim speak at a TJED Forum in 2008 and really enjoyed her information. I bought her cookbook and have loved that she incorporates Sally Fallon’s/ Nourishing Traditions principles of soaking grains, making bone broth, the importance of lacto fermented foods and animal products. Her cookbook is the best NT/whole foodsy cookbook I have seen. She uses whole foods in her recipes but goes a step further and teaches the NT principles. Yet the cookbook is not as intimidating as the Nourishing Traditions book, it’s much more digestible. She tells her own story of why she started using the Nourishing Traditions principles in the cookbook. I lover hear “ladder approach” to food, from cardboard box packaged food to vibrant food that is super-digestible, due to soaking and sprouting.



She will have her cookbooks available for sale! I love her dessert recipes with whole sweeteners and her guide for making sourdough bread. She will be speaking on what I just wrote, plus how to use food storage foods.


Tomorrow midnight is the deadline to register for the conference and get the early bird discount, $47 instead of the $57 price at the door. If you sign up with a group of 10, admission is $37 and if you sign up in a group of 20 it’s only $27.


The keynote speaker Karen Kindrick Cox has a beautiful illustrated picture of the Seven Keys of Learning. Every early bird registrant will get a copy of this. So round up your girlfriends and register! Where else can you go and talk about John Locke, firing neurons, pain-free childbirth, parenting with presence, loving your child’s educational journey every step of the way, sprouts and soaking, and natural family planning? We are going to have prizes and this will be a great day of learning and laughter. Go here to register http://treeoflifemothering.ning.com/page/mom-s-conference



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