A Fun Birthday


Last week we celebrated my birthday by going to the Treehouse Museum in Ogden. By “we” I mean the four youngest kids. The oldest one is at college and the next two were did their scholar phase activity of going to their commonwealth school classes. The Treehouse Museum is the best place for indoor fun with kids than anywhere else in Utah. I remember as a young mom wanting a place I could go when we wanted to get out in the winter other than the McDonald’s PlayPlace or Grandma’s house. The Treehouse Museum fits the bill! Every exhibit involves children’s picture books.


Here’s my son on the platform of the giant treehouse that is in the middle of the museum.


The kids always love to play with the toy knights and horses.


The kids revisited the rodeo exhibit several times. Yee-haw! My little girl is having fun dancing as a rodeo clown.


Usually the kids don’t want me to play with them, so I either listen to something on my iPod, or I read the books that are part of every exhibit. I found this delightful book about Charles Dickens in the Beatrix PotterEngland house. It told of how Charles married Catherine, but he ended up falling in love with her sister Mary and based three of his female characters on the picture of the ideal woman he got from Mary: Lucy Manette, Agnes, and Little Nell. Fascinating Womanhood talks for a chapter about the ideal woman and how Agnes is an example. So it was fun to read this in a picture book after reading about it in FW. Dickens sounds like a very interesting man, I’d like to read more of his works. I never knew he was an actor as well as an author and that he toured acting in play adaptations of his works.



Then we came home and made pizza, my favorite food. This would have looked prettier but I let the kids take over making it, since it was my birthday, after all. My husband gave me the DVD movie 17 Miracles. I am so excited to watch this! I wanted to go see it for our 20th anniversary last August but it wasn’t playing at the dollar movies yet. We both have ancestors who were in the handcart companies. The star of the show is my husband’s 3rd of 4th great grandfather, Levi Savage.  


Before we went to the museum we went to the library, in the morning, something we never do. I was so excited to find a copy of the book, Large Family Logistics: the Art and Science of Managing the Large Family. It was sitting on a display shelf of new books, just beckoning me to check it out. It is by a Christian homeschooling mom of 9. I feel a book review coming on, maybe after Christmas. Watch for it then! I love it when God places helpful inspiring books in my life!


Large Family Logistics



Four days later it was my oldest daughter’s birthday.She turned 16! Her big birthday present was going to the etiquette simulation in Pleasant Grove that my friend Amy Hansen put on. See the next blog post for the fun pictures! I am so jealous that she gets to go to these fun things. I would have loved to have gone to this event when I was young. the girls got tiaras to wear and the boys got crowns.

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