Holiday Ball 2011 Pictures

We had a glamorous evening last night of “strictly ballroom” dancing at the annual Holiday Ball put on by Silhouette Ballroom Dance Studio of Bountiful, UT.

I always love seeing the beautiful hair styles the young ladies come up with.

My 16 year old daughter decided she didn’t want to go this year because she wanted to “go to bed early.”  She also offered to babysit! I jumped at that offer, believe me! I know that sounds strange for a 16 year old girl, but she has learned to tune into her body this year and that she feels better when she gets to bed earlier. She already had lots of late nights with all of the other holiday festivities we had. We missed her but I totally enjoyed not having to find a babysitter and leaving my 2 year old at home instead of chasing him around like we did last year. She figured out that “going to bed early” and “babysitting” are not exactly synonymous. I was just glad everyone was asleep by the time we got home.

Here are lots of photos. This next one is my friends, all adult couples, reliving their teenage days by dancing to an early ’80s pop song and then the next one is Brother Shingleton moonwalking.

I am blessed to have a husband who loves to dance and I am so grateful. He was on the first ballroom dance BYU team that took the world championship in Blackpool England so he knows his stuff. Dancing with him put a huge smile on my face last night, especially the swing dancing. I wasn’t so good at the slow waltzes; for some reason it’s harder for me to count to the beat and dance slowly. I wanted to smile but it probably looked like I was being tortured as I worked to keep count.

We had an awesome floor show by the talented youth who attend  the ballroom dance studio.

I missed my daughter being there, but it was good to know that my 2 year old was with a babysitter he knows. I felt calm knowing he would easily go to sleep with her. I also missed Valor being there. He took ballroom dance for years before he left for college and would have loved being there. He came bright and early on the bus the next morning to get his wisdom teeth pulled. He couldn’t come any earlier because of his job.

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