A Great Deal for You: the Family Builder Program on Sale!

Diann Jeppson, author of the TJED Home Companion book, has a great deal for you! She has written a super course to teach people step by step how to improve the culture of education in the home based on the classics. You can learn about it over at http://leadershipeducationfamilybuilder.com. She was offering the program on sale for $69 instead of $99. The sale ended on New Year’s Eve, but I have asked her to extend the sale. She has agreed! The sale continues until January 14th.

This is a super deal! If you are new to homeschooling, or a veteran, or even if you aren’t a homeschooler, and want to improve the chore system in your home and the educational culture, you will benefit from doing this course.

I will be starting a course on Friday January 20. It will be in Layton UT. If anyone is interested in doing the course, please comment below, and mention whether you would prefer doing it online or in person. The class will meet once a month, normally on the first Friday of the month, after the January 20th meeting. It will go through August. Cost is $10 a month or $60 for the course if you pay it all up front. This is in addition to the Family Builder program that you purchase at the link below.


The Complete
Leadership Education
Family Builder Program

$99 $69

Extended to January 14th at midnight!

HERE to purchase the Complete Program for $69 (Regular price $99)

Includes all session audio lectures and implementation guides

Could your children be more inspired about learning?

Are you constantly working to impact the quality of your children’s education?

Do you have a strong vision for what you hope to achieve as a parent?

What’s on your Master Plan?

Would you love to improve the effectiveness of your family devotional?

Have you read any great classics with your children lately?

Wish you knew how to expand your family library, and improve your family reading time?

How are the chores going? Do you wish you had some better tools to help the children learn to work?

The Complete Leadership Education Family Builder Program includes session recorded lectures and implementation guides on:

Creating an Inspiring Environment
Responding Effectively
You,Not Them
A Vision Walk
Your Family Mission Statement
Your Master Inspire Plan
Classics & Family Reading
Devotional & Your Core Cannon
Cultural Literacy
Chores & Adult Skills
Your Family Schedule
Mentor Dates & Planners
Mom Schools
The Liberal Arts Study Project
The Closet
Putting It All Together
View session descriptions HERE
Note: All sessions may also be purchased individually
Buy the Complete program NOW for only $69! 

Includes all recorded lectures and session guides

Regular Price: $99
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