Come Have Fun With Us as We Discuss Womanly Secrets for Stronger Homes and Families

It’s time to get ready for another semester of the Zion Finishing School. It has evolved into a time to visit heart to heart with other LDS mom friends over classic, meaty works that will transform your life if you let them.  You will hopefully get inspired to be a better woman, wife, mom, and homemaker. This is all online so geography is not a problem. My girlfriend Michelle who lives in Guam has been attending and loves it. We will meet Wednesdays from 2 to 4 PM MST.

I didn’t have much luck getting young women to attend last semester to learn about graces and arts that would “finish” their education. Even my own daughter felt too busy to attend. Young women are still encouraged to attend, but the focus is less on skills and more on relationships and principles found in classic works. Sorry, you will have to learn how to make a pie on your own, but this class will still be totally worth it! You will learn the secrets to help you “finish” your education in being a happy woman, wife, mom, and homemaker.

We will be using the book, Daughters in My Kingdom: the History and Work of Relief Society for the first week of the month. You can read that online here We will discuss the selected reading from the book plus an episode about the book at

The second week of the month we will discuss a work relating to learning about being a better wife.I can’t wait to discuss the love letters between John and Abigail Adams, which is one of the works!

The third week we will be discussing a book or article about a lost womanly or homemaking art.

The last week of the month we will discuss a great classic work of fiction about females in relationships. Go here to get the complete schedule

We will meet on Wednesdays starting January 18. To get us warmed up for the monthly schedule, we will discuss the free Headgates ebook from on January 18 and then on January 25 we will discuss the sequel to Headgates, called Parenting. I will get the details posted soon on how to get that article.

Cost is $24 a month, with the two weeks in January part of February’s tuition. This is a super deal for so much fun, bonding, and a great womanly education!

Please comment below if you are interested in attending and I will email you payment instructions.

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