Want Help With Your New Year’s Resolution of Losing Weight? T-Tapp is For You!

OK, yes every year one of my New Year’s goals is to lose weight. I have two siblings who got the skinny genes on my mom’s side and two others, who along with me (far right), got the fat genes on my dad’s side. Sigh, it’s just not fair! But I think I have finally found the secret! It’s not losing pounds, it’s inches that really matter. Last year I ran on a treadmill and outside but it was hard for me to be consistent and I never saw results. I did eat whatever I wanted though and at least I didn’t gain weight. I really would like to get my body healthier and in shape before I have another baby. This year, I think I have found a better exercise system that I am much more motivated to do because it is funner! I can feel my heart rising with much less work, with no running or jumping or bouncing. It’s called T- tapp. You can do it without any machines or equipment because you use your body as a machine. One lady, a mom of 12, did T-tapp and no dieting and went from size 22 to size 8. That gives me hope!

Just try it out and you will see what I mean. Watch this video and do the exercises. Feel your heart start to race and your muscles burn. And you haven’t done any running or jumping! then go to http://t-tapp.com and

click on “try before you buy.” You can then do more exercises there. Then buy one of the DVDs or the book. I loved seeing all the before and after photos. They inspire me! Don’t figure to measure your bust, waist and hips before you start exercising consistently so you can have a before and after story too! As Teresa Tapp, the inventor of these exercises says, “Inches count, pounds don’t!”

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