Christmas in February: Vision Boards Really Work! Thank You Kirk Duncan!

Wow, last week was so powerful! If you ever want to have a boatload of fun, go to a three-day seminar on self-improvement with your son, mother-in-law, and brother-in-law. You might think I am kidding but I am not. It really was fun. After I got there, I discovered that even more people I know were there, like one of my informal mentors on homeschooling, two people who read this blog,, and the Bowlers, whom I did a presentation with last year at the TJED Forum here

Their son Brad, who is a classmate at George Wythe college with my son, was also there. I was hoping to get more out of Brad than I can out of my son about the heated discussions that go on there as these students, including two of Oliver DeMille’s daughters, ruminate on history, philosophy, economics, science and Eastern religion, but he was just as tight-lipped as my son. Darn! The Bowlers had other homeschooling friends from St. George there. All these friends are really good friends to my sister-in-law because they belong to the same commonwealth school. The potential for gossiping abounded! But nothing juicy was said, we controlled ourselves.

This event was all about learning to say no to the voices in your head that keep you from being successful, how to read body language, and how to control your body language so that the message you want to present to the world matches the messages your body language is sending.

You can listen to Kirk Duncan talk about Vision Boards here as a free download here I did what Kirk said around New Year’s, and here about 8 weeks later, I got my first thing! Now I get to make a Vision Board book and put the picture of what I achieved in the book like Kirk does. (It’s a binder with plastic sheet protectors full of pictures of what he has accomplished.)

So go get some green Frogger tape at Lowe’s. Put it in the shape of a rectangle or square, not too big. Don’t worry about making things look pretty with straight sides and precise corners. Then put pictures or words of things you want to have. Don’t put more than 9, in the shape of 3 by 3. Then every morning and every evening look at your vision board with intense excitement and tell your brain that you want those things. If you are consistent and these things are what God wants you to have (check with Him first) you will attract these things. its exciting! Now you know how to have Christmas year-round.


So much creative power lies dormant in our brains, waiting to be used. And everything that we touch and enjoy started out as a thought in someone’s head. We read in the Pearl of Great Price that God first created everything spiritually before He created anything physically. If we want those things to have physical life, we must have them in vision first. As the Bible says, “Without vision, my people perish.”

Here is a powerful story from my friend. I don’t think she knows about Kirk’s Vision Board ideas but she knew it was important to be put goals on a wall so she could see them every day and create a “vision” that would create change.

 I also had several not posted goals that went along with the posted goals
I felt a confirmation from the Lord that he would bless me with these things
before the end of the year.

Starting with the weekend after Thanksgiving the first of the last 4 of my 8 goals
(I had kind of given up on them happening this year–feeling like 4 of the 8 was 
enough for me- they were big goals and felt sort of greedy to want them all) happened

This was a grand piano. It was huge to me and represented much that was lost when 
my parents were divorced. It was a symbol of the Lord making our family whole again
some how. And it was also a way to bring music and the spirit back into our home.A 
way to combat the media choices of those in my family who are struggling.  But it was 
also a GRAND PIANO. That was a huge expense and just didn’t seem to be a way.

But curiously I started researching Grand Pianos checking to see what price range we would
need to be saving and those kinds of things. My husband was neutral– certainly not opposed
but certainly not on board. 

I found a grand piano from USU that had been recently purchased when USU went to 
all Stienway. it was $1900 which compared to the 5000-10000 ones was much more in
our league. 

Thanksgiving weekend after a great date and great connecting conversation with my husband 
I asked if we could just go look at it because it was by where we were eating. My husband said
yes but was hesitant. 

When we got there it was more beautiful then the picture of it was online. I fell in love with it
and found that they had marked it down $700 (who marks a piano down $700) anyway, that 
mark down meant we could do it. My husband got a call from my 11 year old who 
apparently not knowing where we were said “Dad remember I want a piano for Christmas”
When I came out to the car my husband said “I think we should get it”  So the first week of Dec
I received a new baby grand piano. 

But the Lord was not done. My Grandfather whom I adore made each of his grand daughters
a beautiful ceder chest. It was priceless to me. But when our family moved to Maryland I 
lost mine. It has caused me much sorrow and sadness to have lost this irreplaceable 
treasure. My sister had broken hers and didn’t feel so strongly about it and said I could have
her broken one. I had my brother fix it for me and for Christmas he gave it to me. It is a 
treasure to me and feels like a second way the Lord has replaced something I had lost.

The Lord has been working on me this month as i have fasted and prayed to know how
to help the men in my life feel the “love of GOD” for each of them. He has inspired me to
show them my love. In small ways and big he has inspired my way to show them love.
One such event was a company party at my husbands work. They let him know the
day before and he told me that night after work it is not that important to me that you come
because I was scheduled to work that night. The Lord knew differently and kept telling me
loudly it is important you are there. You need to get off work and go to this.  I was able to 
get it off through some miracles and went to the party. My husband  said after wards it really meant 
alot to me to have you come. I said why didn’t you just tell me and he said you seem so 
overwhelmed with working and trying to do Christmas that I didn’t want to put another 
burden on you. Luckily the lord knew and blessed me to go

And Dec 31st the last of my 8 goals was delivered– a new living room set for our front room
As we were bringing it home I realized that it was the last day of 2011 and that the Lord’s 
promises to me were all being fulfilled. 

I know that God wants us to have all that He has. He really does. He is a kingly father, abounding in riches, desirous that His royal children inherit all of His good and beautiful things.  In D&C 111:11 it says, “I will order all things for your good as fast as you are able to receive them.” So he’s not holding back on giving us more money and other blessings because of anything to do with Him, it’s because of our lack of being ready. Creating a vision and having the faith to bring that vision to reality shows us that we are ready for whatever righteous blessing we desire.

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