Does Anyone Want to Buy a Youth for Freedom Ticket for Only $299?

My friend has two tickets for Youth for Freedom for sale. Youth for Freedom is a youth conference held every summer, based on leadership education. My three oldest kids have gone and loved it. If you missed out on the early bird deal, this is a great buy! I attended the parent conference they had the first day last year and got to hear three amazing speakers: Jim Rhoades, Aneladee Milne, and Kirk Duncan. It was truly magical!

Here’s what my friend says:

I am selling 2 tickets to the Youth for Freedom seminar for July 19th – July 21st.  The current price is $377 per ticket but I only paid $299 each.  The seminar will be held at Clear Creek Family Ranch just outside of the East Gates of Zions National Park and just north of Kanab,  UT (they have a great little thrift shop with some awesome books). This would have been our 4th year. My kids have loved it. But we can no longer make it to this session.

Please comment below if you are interested and I will let her know.

(Please forward to others that may be interested. Thank you.)

Why attend
Youth for Freedom?
Youth For Freedom is a youth conference where you are inspired to be your best! As you laugh, sing, dance, cry, smile, discuss ideas, and face hard situations, you will recognize more of the individualgreatness in yourself and others.  Whether you want to be a business owner, senator, or even a better sister or brother, Youth For Freedom can help you grow and learn.

Be Inspired, for as youth, we are the Future.

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