I Can Fit Into My Pants Again

The exercise in the video above, the T-tapp Torso Twist, is part of the T-tapp Total Workout. I’ve been doing the T-tapp total workout 6 days a week for a week and a half now. It really makes me work up a sweat! I feel my body getting into shape! I can now fit into my pants that I couldn’t fit into at Christmas time. I’ve lost an inch from my waist. Nice! I haven’t done any dieting, just eaten to satisfaction (not overeating), including fats and a few sweets. 

I really like the exercises because they don’t involve any equipment other than my DVD player and TV. They make me breathe hard, and I don’t have to be outside pounding the pavement by jogging. They give me a great feeling of well-being. I feel invigorated and totally ready to take on the day. I am looking forward to losing more inches, especially as I finish the boot camp and then maybe move on to the Hit the Floor workout.  

One 300 lb. lady who did T-tapp lost 18 inches in the first month, and now she is a size 8! She had MS but put it into remission with T-tapp. Her story is here http://howheatherlost100.com/

If you haven’t already signed up for my giveaway of the T-tapp Total Workout DVD, go here http://treeoflifemothering.ning.com/profiles/blogs/lose-2-sizes-in-4-weeks-t-tapp-total-workout-dvd-giveaway-1 and sign up in the comments box. The winner will be announced on Tuesday March 20, around 2 PM MT, so if you don’t win, you can head over to http://t-tapp.com and take advantage of Deep Discount Tuesday, where you get 

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