Glenn Beck Says to Read the Book of Mormon, and a New Temple in Davis County?

Last week was an action-packed meaningful week at our home. It started out with a bang with an extra stake conference. We had one in January and will have one in May, for the obligatory two a year.

For some reason we got an extra one with a visiting general authority, Elder Tad Callister, in February. Whoever said Mormons are predictable didn’t live in my stake. My two year old contentedly fell asleep on my lap without any request for nursing or fussing. As I thought about this I realized how long it’s been since we’ve nursed at church and been to the mother’s lounge at church. The last time was the stake conference in January, although sometimes I do nurse sitting right there in the meeting. He’s growing up! 

Elder Callister talked about how to preserve and strengthen the family. 1. Teach your children to pray. 2. Teach them to love the scriptures, 3. Connect with your children. Then he talked about pornography. He said it doesn’t work to use a strong defense, because satan is very good at what he does, he’s been doing it for 6000 years. We have to take a strong offense.

We went to the zoo on Leap Day. I had to follow through with my promise to take the younger kids since they got the bean jar full. Every time we get the bean jar full we go on an outing. They get beans in the jar for doing their chores quickly and without being reminded. (The bean jar is one of the Ingredients of a leadership education. See the book Leadership Education: The Phases of Learning by Oliver and Rachel DeMille.) The weather was overcast and cold and definitely not a picture perfect zoo day, but it was the last free zoo day of the school year and I had promised them we would go. I had just listened to Diann Jeppson in the Family Builder course speak about how important it is to follow through with our promises to our kids in the Family Builder course so I braved it! I am a wimp when it comes to cold weather and would live in Phoenix if I could. But we all bundled up and off we went. It wasn’t that bad. No rain or snow, just chilly.

We were happy to be rewarded with a proud display by one of the peacocks.

Coincidentally, the next day we read in the Friend magazine the story of a little girl at the same zoo who bravely spoke about the LDS Church as the “true faith” to a visitor from the east and invited him to get baptized. The story is here

Last week I read this fun book to the kids that I saw on Mary Ann Johnson’s web site, called the Pink Refrigerator. I love the concept the book shares, that sometimes all someone needs to start exploring is just a suggestion that comes from a special place.  A suggestion or inspiration can lead to lifelong exploring. The book made it seem so easy, just put a note or materials that you want your child to use in the closet and they will take off! I wish that were true for my kids in our homesschooling. Most times it seems like it takes more than suggesting to get them going. I have one child who seems to resist many of my suggestions that I get for the closet. I got him a book about Battles in History and he is resisting it as if it were a book about toddlers in tiaras and high fashion. I guess that his interest in war was a passing spark. Or maybe if I made the suggestion more special somehow, like maybe have a note in the closet that leads him on a treasure hunt to find the book. Hmmm, now he is into kung fu, so I got him a book about that at the library today.

I also got the newest book by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, called A Love that Multiplies, and am eagerly devouring it,

even though I am supposed to be reading my book for the Zion Finishing School, called Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskill.

It looks meaty and a candidate for what Glenn Beck calls bonnet movies. I have heard great things about it from a good friend and my sister so I am tackling it. I kept meaning to listen to it on librivox before now but I never got past the first chapter after Christmas. Crunch time! Our discussion is next week! 

Speaking of Glenn Beck, he came to my town last Friday to stump for Chris Stewart, author of The Seven Miracles that Saved America. Stewart is running for Congress. I requested tickets but then realized that I was already booked with my Family Builder class. Kirk Duncan says to never change your dates, so I resisted the urge to postpone. I went to the Family Builder class and my dh and son went and heard Glenn Beck. My son reported the following of what he said:

“OK, all you evangelicals,” (the event was held at a Christian academy) “put your fingers in your ears while I say the following (la da da da dah) …OK, Read the Book of Mormon, then read the news, then go back and study the Book of Mormon. OK, evangelicals, you can unplug your ears now.”  It’s true. It’s so comforting to know that all of the bad stuff going on now, including political corruption, was prophesied by prophets long ago (See Ether 8 in the Book of Mormon). We can take comfort and trust in a God who knew what the bad guys would be doing a long time ago and will speak to our prophet and to each of us in our hearts to know what to do. (Like vote for Ron Paul!)

That night my mother-in-law came to visit us for the weekend and be here to witness my son get his ordination to become a teacher. This is the same mother-in-law who went to Kirk Duncan’s Master of Influence with me. She is the granddaughter of the baby in the movie 17 Miracles (not the real baby, but the character, Levi Mathers Savage, played by the baby). So Levi Savage Jr., the star of the movie and the baby’s father, is her great-grandfather. She is full of family history stories. She married a man who was the son of a woman whose father, Jesse Nathaniel Smith, was Joseph Smith’s first cousin. She knows stories on that side too. It is always fun when Grandma comes to hear her stories. It occurred to me that she should be a professional storyteller. I’ve been wondering what was her reason in coming to Master of Influence, now I know.

That night my dh and I went to the temple. The Bountiful temple was closed and the Ogden temple is being reconstructed. So we went to the Salt Lake temple. I have never done an endowment session there before. It was so beautiful! I was thinking about how nice it would be to have another temple closer to us (that shows how spoiled I am). Then the  next day after church my 10 year old son said that his Primary teacher, who works for the LDS church, said that in the upcoming General Conference the Church will announce another temple for Davis county. He said he overheard his teacher say where it will be. The teacher made my son promise not to divulge the location. I don’t know if this true, we will see. So now I am thinking everyday of places in Layton or Kaysville or Syracuse where the temple will be. If it’s true, you heard it first here! 

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