Jesus Loves Us Because He is Good

I usually don’t blog on Sunday but I feel the Spirit telling me to share what happened today. Princessa was sick with a fever and sore throat so I stayed home from church with her. Whenever any of my children are sick on Sunday and have to miss church, I love to do church at home. We watched one of the new Bible videos produced by the LDS Church about the Last Supper, then we read Bible stories for children.

While she watched some videos of Mormon Messages, I fixed dinner and listened to a BYU Education Week talk by Brad Wilcox, who I affectionately call “Guy Smiley.” I first met him in front of the David O. McKay School of Education building at BYU. My father introduced me to him, because he was a doctoral student of my dad’s. I remember to this day how happy he was to met me. He enthusiastically shook my hand with a perma-grin on his face. Later I found out that he was a former classmate of my sister-in-law’s, and my husband remembers him at Provo High too since he was only a year older. My husband says he played Bottom in Provo High’s production of Midsummer Night’s Dream. I can totally see him in that role.

Anyway, now he is an author and a fantastic public speaker. I listened to his talk here It was so beautiful! He explains the atonement of Jesus Christ, and that grace is not something that we earn. I was in tears by the end of his speech. I love what he said, “Jesus doesn’t love us because we are good. He loves us because He is good.”

If you want to see his books and get them, go to He has excellent books! I especially like Growing Up, a book on maturation for LDS teens, and the picture book on the birds and the bees for younger LDS children. He even has free downloads here

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