Someone Else Wants to Study the Federalist Papers!

OK, at the risk of sounding nerdy, I am sharing my excitement about this. I made a great discovery at the Master of Influence event put on by Kirk Duncan last month, which I attended. A homeschooling dad from my commonwealth school was there. Part of the MOI experience is posting a piece of paper that is your “vision board” for the three day event. You pick three things that you want to see happen by the end of the event. I noticed that my friend put on his vision board that he wanted to put a new post on his blog about the Federalist Papers  by the end of the weekend.

Wow, I have always wanted to discuss the Federalist Papers with someone without paying a bride price to attend a class about it. Here is my chance! His blog is at So now I have no excuse for not discussing it with someone. Be careful what you wish for, it may come true, even without a vision board.

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